The Official Trailer For “Table or 3” Released, Forbes Looks At WWE Night Of Champions, & More


Forbes has a new article asking whether Sting will help boost WWE Night of Champions. The PPV generally tends to be the lowest-performing PPV in the third quarter, with 51% less buys than SummerSlam.

The article notes, “Sting’s presence on the pay-per-view should add a jolt to the traditionally lukewarm event. It’s worth noting, that since offering pay-per-views free of charge for monthly subscribers of the WWE Network, buyrates will be significantly lower. But a successful outing can still be measured by a potential jump in paid WWE Network subscribers interested to see Sting chase the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

— A new trailer for Table For 3 is available here. The new trailer advertises shows featuring Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Cesaro; Madusa, Ivory and Molly Holly for a Divas-themed episode; and Sting, DDP and Vader for a WCW-themed episode.

Kevin Owens was interviewed by BreakfastTV promoting Friday night’s house show in Montreal. You can see the interview at the link provided.

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