The Perfect Way To Book The Shield v The Bullet Club.


Coming of the back of a grueling, chaotic and hard hitting match at WWE Payback, in which Roman Reigns retained the WWE title against AJ Styles, WWE and fans alike now look towards the next chapter of this feud and what happens next. With Raw also providing little insight as to how this feud is planning to progress, for the first time in a while fans are actually interested in a story line and the unpredictability of what could happen next will keep fans tuning in every Monday.

One of the main things that keeps us so interested in the x factors that surround the two men. Both superstars are affiliated with their own group of friends, or in some cases foes, within the company. With so many outside possibilities, fans, including myself, cannot help but sit back and go through the best routes WWE can take this rivalry. One of the most obvious but least likely options is one that I’m sure no one will object to, The Shield v The Bullet Club.


Some may argue that it’s too soon for The Shield to reform just yet. That’s probably fair considering we are just approaching the first year since Seth Rollins stabbed his brothers in the back and joined The Authority. While that’s probably still fresh in the mind of both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, especially the latter considering he spent most of last year trying to get revenge for the betrayal, I have devised a way in which the WWE can bring back The Shield for one last time to give fans another taste of probably the greatest faction of the modern era. In fact, this idea is so good that it actually got me wondering why I’m not sat at the end of that table in the creative office at WWE HQ.

Okay… maybe that’s a bit too far but seriously, it’s a good idea.

As it currently stands, it looks as if The Bullet Club are most likely to take on Reigns and his cousins, The Usos. But, why stop there? Outside of the WWE The Bullet Club were a formidable force and there is no reason they cannot be just as successful here. But if they really want to establish themselves here as a top stable in WWE then there’s no better way than taking on one of the best stables WWE have had of late because let’s be honest, Anderson and Gallows are more than capable of making use of the opportunity and eventually perching themselves atop the tag team ladder.

One issue with this is who would team up with Anderson and Gallows to take on The Shield. Whilst AJ Styles is most likely, at this moment in time it seems like WWE are trying to cause a bit of friction between the tag team and the Phenomenal one. Whether this leads to Styles eventually giving in and embracing a heel turn or his pals turning on him and recruiting a new member I’m not too sure. But either way is fine with me. Whilst I’d prefer Styles to stick with the duo it seems as if there’s some doubt over committing to a long term heel Styles. The other option is of course a debuting Finn Balor. Balor has had relations with the group pre WWE life and bringing up Balor to reform the Balor club would make sense. Either way, either of the four men are capable of forming a solid, formidable 3 man team capable of putting on a classic with the Hounds of Justice.

Now we have a 3 man team sorted (or almost sorted) now for the tricky point. Why would Reigns and Ambrose just Rollins after what happened less than a year ago? Well, here’s an idea…

Reigns is teaming a lot with the Uso’s recently, and quite frankly, it’s not fun. I want to see how destructive The Bullet Club really can be. They should have Gallows and co. destroy the Samoan triple and maybe even sideline the two highflyers for a number of weeks… or months. I mean let’s be honest, the Uso’s have grown quite stale recently and I for one wouldn’t mind a break from hearing them shout their own name every week. That leaves Reigns on his own and vulnerable, and who do you turn to when your cousins don’t have your back? your brother! Well, not actual brother, Dean Ambrose to be exact, but you get the gist.

Reigns can then take on Anderson and Gallows with Ambrose on an episode of Raw and have the latter attacked and beaten down after the match. With 2 out of 3 of the Hounds back together, now for the missing piece. We’ve seen Ambrose and Reigns team up with a 3rd man that isn’t Rollins in the past, men like Cena and Jericho, but neither really have the same feel. Perhaps give them a 3rd man to play around with until Seth Rollins is cleared but have The Bullet Club beat them each time. With Ambrose and Reigns becoming increasing frustrated that they are unable to beat this new stable backstage segments air or Reigns and Ambrose having conversations about something ‘private.’ Ambrose is unsure on the idea but Reigns assures him this will work and may be the only way, to which Ambrose reluctantly agrees.

Then comes the fun part, Reigns and Ambrose tell Styles, Balor and co to see them at whatever PPV is next and tells them to select their best 3 competitors to take them on as they’ve found a perfect partner. PPV comes, BC makes their way to the ring, Shield music hits crowd goes wild, Rollins teams with the duo one more time, Instant classic. DONE.

Of course, all of this would need explaining. The next night on Raw a newly returned, and face, Rollins can walk out and explain to us all that he reluctantly agreed to team with his former brothers because he was promised by Reigns that he will become number 1 contender to the title he never lost. This opens up the opportunity to perhaps turn Reigns heel by having him take out Rollins, or maybe even a heel Ambrose snaps and says he deserves that title shot as he’s helped Reigns for over a year now. Either way, this storyline is something I believe would fun, and give us that shield reunion we all want to see.

The Perfect Way To Book The Shield v The Bullet Club.

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