The Podcast Craze


Anyone who hasn’t already discovered the brilliant podcasts you can download at Podcastone including The Ross Report, The Steve Austin Show and Talk Is Jericho, should really check it out.

The Ross Report is fantastic, if you want an insight into the psychology and booking process of wrestling, Jim Ross provides and insight into basic fundamentals of wrestling and how they are and are not working in today’s promotions: I would particularly recommend his chat with Jim Cornette or his recent two part conversation with Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels.

The Steve Austin Show (and the non-family friendly addition “Unleashed”) is more about getting the stories behind the wrestler’s careers as well as their prominent moments and angles. It is fun to hear Stone Cold shooting the breeze with guests such as: Ric Flair, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and many others in his over 100 shows. There is also a conversation with John Cena, in which Stone Cold was incredibly complimentary of WWE’s top dog at the moment (controversial to some fans, who accused the rattlesnake of blowing steam up Cena’s…A**) In fact I must warn listeners who are hoping to hear the rattlesnake tear his guests to shreds, it is a more relaxed and down to earth Steve Austin on this podcast.However some of the ring and road stories that he and his guests share are must-hear.

Finally, I must admit my favourite: “Talk is Jericho”. Anyone who has read Chris Jericho’s two autobiographies (A Lion’s Tale and Undisputed available from all good outlets: buy em’ people, you won’t regret it!) will know that Chris has a wonderful capacity for entertaining his audience with an interesting sidetrack and a witty phrase here and there. (people who have read A Lion’s Tale will be interested to know that Egypt, the janitor that interrupted Pummelmania is featured on the podcast 😉 ) Chris has the ability to turn a conversation into a conver-sensation with fantastic guests such as: Rey Mysterio, EDGE and Cesaro. His two part conversation with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is super interesting and his heartbreaking conversation with Chavo Guerrero Jr about the deaths of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit is incredibly moving. 

Download them onto computer or onto your phone or tablet and listen to them on the go. The Podcast Craze is firmly underway and long may it continue so if you haven’t already check it out!

Another quick suggestion for the hearty wrestling fan out there: Have you heard of Sporcle…now I should mention if you have important work to do at any point in the next ten to twelve years YOU SHOULD NOT try Sporcle! it is mega-addictive. 

Sporcle is basically a quiz website consisting of different quizes and lists that must be completed against the clock. It is perfect for any wrestling fan that wants to test their knowledge. Can you name all of the WWE Intercontinental Champions? Can you name everyone inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Can you name every match to ever take place at WrestleMania? Test your knowlege and invite friends to try and beat your score.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to know what you think about podcasts, are you a fan? what’s your favourite? 

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