The Reality Era in Full Effect?


It has been a long time of waiting for wrestling fans that tune into WWE programming
on a weekly basis, what exactly have they been waiting for? Talent in
NXT Wrestling to be called up to the main roster and make an impact that
they’ve been training to do since they walked through the doors of NXT
over the last few years.

This week on the post-WrestleMania edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE Universe fans witnessed the official debut of NXT Women’s Champion Paige. The newly called up Diva
women’s wrestler came out to congratulate AJ Lee who retained her Divas
Championship the night before at WrestleMania 30 against 14 other Divas
wanting to take the strap from around her tiny waist. 


most champions, AJ didn’t appreciate the Anti-Diva interrupting her, so
to show her what happens when you do, AJ challenged her by putting her
Divas Championship on the line as a way to teach her a lesson. Although
it looked like AJ would just go right through Paige through most of the
’bout, the woman from NXT known as the Anti-Diva changed the entire pace
with a blink of the eye!

some fans call a complete fluke, on Paige’s first night on RAW, she
became the NEW WWE Divas Champion, sending the crowd into a loud pop for
the newly debuting Diva.

Paige isn’t alone when it comes to newly debuts. It was announced on
RAW that coming soon to WWE TV, we will be seeing the debut of Adam
Rose, Bo Dallas, but another NXT wrestler that made their debut tonight
was Alexander Rusev, whom squashed jobber Zack Ryder with what’s known
as the Accolade (camel clutch).

we will soon be seeing Adam Rose and Bo Dallas soon, but over the past
year we’ve seen the ever-so different but creepy at the same time, The
Wyatt Family, along with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns —
The Shield! 

though WWE already has wrestlers that have been buried over the past 3
years, newer and upcoming talent are getting ready to make their
presence known and really make what Paul “Triple H” Levesque calls this
era….the Reality Era one that wrestling fans will look back in the
future and say: Well, it was better than the PG Era.

Now all we can hope is that WWE Creative don’t waste the talents in Paige and others.

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