The Ressurection of Hangman Adam Page: Act 1


While the current AEW World Champion is out recovering from surgery, now would be the perfect time for Tony Khan to write the former champ a career-defining storyline as a down-and-out heel. The following is the storyline that I would have written for Hangman Adam Page, starting immediately following his loss at Double or Nothing. This is a 3 act interactive story, so I encourage you to play along in the comments. What direction would you have gone in with Hangman’s storyline after he lost the AEW World Championship to CM Punk? This is The Ressurection of Hangman Adam Page: Act 1.

The Loss

Just minutes after losing his AEW World Championship to CM Punk, a dejected Hangman Adam Page staggers out of the locker room. Lexy Nair stops Hangman and attempts to get an interview with him. He ignores Lexy, the man is in no mood to talk. He kicks open a door that leads to the loading dock of the T-Mobile Arena and makes his exit. Hangman ignores a small group of fans who are waiting for him outside. Mark Henry chases Hangman down and tries to get a word from him as he is getting into his car, but Hangman remains silent. The former champ gets into his car and barks at the driver to take him to the darkest dive bar in Vegas. John Silver emerges from the shadows and watches curiously as Hangman’s car drives off into the darkness.

What is John Silver up to?

  1. He wants to help Hangman
  2. He wanted a selfie with the former champ
  3. Something evil

The Tavern, Part 1


Hangman walks into a seedy tavern on the outskirts of the Vegas strip and takes a seat at the bar around 12:33 am. All Hangman can think about is failure, he is a broken man after losing his title. He wants a rematch, and he wants it now. He commands the bartender to give him a bottle of Whiskey. As the bartender places an unopened bottle on the bar, Page instructs the bartender to keep the bottles coming every hour on the hour.

1:43 am, Hangman gets a text message. To his surprise, the text is from CM Punk.

“Adam, I know it is late, I hope I didn’t wake you. I wanted to thank you for the match of a lifetime, you were a great champion. Your friend always, Phillp JB.”

Hangman smashes his phone into a thousand pieces. He stomps the phone on the floor until there is nothing left to stomp. The doorman comes over and tells Page he’ll have to leave if he doesn’t calm down, but Hangman hits the bouncer with a sloppy DDT and then goes back to drinking. Page yells at the bartender to bring him some fully loaded nachos and reclaims his seat at the bar.

Was CM Punk sincere, or was he rubbing it in?

  1. He was sincere.
  2. Rubbing it in.
  3. Punk was drunk texting from another bar in town and won’t even remember sending the text.

The Tavern, Part 2

Adam Page, the former AEW World Champion, hangs his head in defeat at the bar as he drinks alone. Three beautiful ladies enter the dim lounge and take a seat nearby at the bar. One of the ladies recognizes Hangman. The lady tries to make conversation with Page, but he doesn’t even acknowledge her presence. The man drowns his sorrows in the bottle until he finally passes out at the bar around 5:28 am. The bartender calls for a cab to take a half-conscious Adam Page back to his hotel.

What should the bartender have done?

  1. Steal Hangman’s wallet after calling him a cab.
  2. Take a selfie with Hangman while he was passed out at the bar.
  3. Cut him off and kicked him out of the bar before he got alcohol poisoning.

Should Hangman get an automatic rematch to regain his title?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. Maybe.

Checkout Time

The former champion wakes up on the floor in the bathroom of his hotel suite, still wearing the same clothes he left the arena in the night before. His head is throbbing, and his vision is blurred. It is 1:14 pm, way past checkout time. A casino manager bangs on the door to Adam’s room to perform a welfare check. After several minutes, Hangman Adam Page gets up and opens the door, letting the manager enter. The hotel manager asks Hangman if everything is okay and inspects the room. The manager observes that Hangman has completely destroyed the suite. Broken lamps and picture frames are scattered on the floor, the TV is smashed, and the bed is halfway hanging off of the balcony.

The hotel manager asks Hangman if he needs any assistance checking out. Hangman stumbles down the hallway with his one piece of luggage. The hotel manager follows Hangman down to the lobby and gets him a car to the airport. The manager politely tells Hangman to have a good flight and closes the cab door behind him.

John Silver is already on his way to LA for Dynamite and Dark. He tries to call Hangman, but the call just keeps going straight to voice mail. Silver expresses his concern about Hangman to his travel partner, Alex Reynolds. Reynolds just shrugs his shoulders, as his relationship is currently strained with Page.

Will Hangman ever be allowed back at this hotel?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. Maybe.

Does John Silver stay with The Dark Order, or leave for Hangman?

  1. Silver stays.
  2. Leaves.
  3. Silver gives up on Adam Page and gets The Dark Order going in the direction it was originally intended to go.

Dynamite Or A Pipebomb?

Three days removed from losing his title at Double or Nothing, Hangman sits at home in front of the TV. He wants to watch Dynamite to see what CM Punk has to say, but at the same time, he really doesn’t want to see or hear the name CM Punk. Hangman gives in to his curiosity and turns the TV on. Punk is in the middle of the ring letting the fans know that he’s injured and will be away for surgery. Hangman’s blood begins to boil, he is infuriated. The doorbell rings, Hangman doesn’t move. The doorbell rings again followed by a loud obnoxious knocking on the door. Hangman angrily bolts to the door and slings it open to find John Silver holding a large black burglar bag.

What is in the bag?

  1. A live snake.
  2. Handcuffs, chains, and duct tape.
  3. The AEW World Championship belt.

The Darkness

After a tournament has been announced by Mr. Tony Khan to crown an interim champion, it has become clear to Hangman that he is not getting a rematch. He realizes that he’s not even in the conversation. No one is talking about the former champion on the internet, backstage, or on the streets.

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