The Rightful Main Eventer: The Shield vs The World


    Good evening to all. The landscape of the WWE is changing before our eyes (and as a big John Cena fan) it hurts to see everything change. At Survivor Series 2012, we were introduced to three individuals that wrecked havoc on the WWE and the superstars around it; the Shield. During their period of time in NXT, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns were three main event players in the terriortial system of FCW, which was later rebranded to NXT. During this period of time, Seth Rollins thrived when he became NXT Champion and thrived in huge rivalries in the rebranded NXT. He later lost the NXT Championship to Big E Langston ( Big E- currently); and this is where the Shield took a jumpstart in the main roster careers. This article will expose and detail who should be the rightful main eventer of the WWE in the upcoming future; and the whirlwind changes in the WWE.

    When the Shield exploded on the scene in November ’12 ( ON THE MAIN ROSTER); expectations were high for the three natives of NXT. We had three future main stars on our hands; and they were pushed to the moon as a trio. After picking up impressive victories (Randy Orton, John Cena, Big Show, Sheamus), the Shield would complete a dynasty, by winning respective titles at the Extreme Rules PPV on May 29th 2013. Dean Ambrose, won the U.S title from Kofi Kingston after Kingston failed to capitalize with a his finisher. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins won the WWE Tag Team Championship from Team Hell No; and embarked on a mission to becoming a dynasty, with a strong commitment of becoming the best. Throughout the year; the Shield credibility was becoming to built; but it was a vigorous road as the group lost to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The Shield were building credibility after the abrupt ending of CM Punk’s career, as they had 5 start matches against  The Wyatt’s; which they had an EXCELLENT match at Elimination Chamber 2014. After a decisive loss; the Shield seemingly lost its way again; in time for Wrestlemania XXX. They picked up a win from the Team of Kane and the new Age Outlaws; in awful but fun 3 minute match, which showcased the Shield’s power as a trio/team in the WWE. After Wrestlemania, the Shield participated in a program with Evolution; and picked up two decisive victories at Extreme Rules 2014 and Payback 2014. After their program with Evolution ended; the Shield tore apart, as Seth Rollins sold out. In Rollins defense, he bought in instead of selling out and this was the fire that fueled the rivalry between Ambrose/Rollins. Roman Reigns opted to go a separate way, feuding with Randy Orton, and seemingly forgetting about the actions of Seth Rollins, which was a mistake on the ‘E’s part. 

     As the Shield disbanded; the future started playing out. Roman Reigns; the next golden boy started rising up the ranks and began a journey, which may well lead to a WHC win at Wrestlemania 31. Seth Rollins, the artichet of the Shield destroyed Dean Ambrose with the help of Kane. This is a vital time in the WWE with the budget cuts and new superstars rising up the ranks. Is Roman Reigns really the right guy to the one to seemingly build the Roman Empire; or should it be Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins? Dean Ambrose, in my opinion will be lost in the shuffle as the WWE changes and in my opinion that is wrong. Roman Reigns 6’3 265 Pounds; should not be the man taking the part of poster child in the the future. Dean Ambrose is gifted; as he has worked a** off for twelve years since the age of fourteen to become a WWE superstar. He has jumped through promotions and worked with WWE superstars such as Cesaro and Bryan. Unfortunately, skill does not get you far in the WWE as if it did; Brian Kendrick should of became a top WWE superstar. Kendrick started wrestling in ’99; and was assigned a contract in ’01 by the WWF; only to be demoted to MWC ( a southern promotion in the WWF). Kendrick who had lots of skills was never pushed but always ridiculed with gimmicks such as Mascot and Spanky, until he became the longest WWE Tag Team Champion with Paul London in 06; culminating in a 331 day reign. Honestly, Ambrose should not be demoted to the ranks of mid carder; but as this site reported on Tuesday of last week, the WWE sees Ambrose of not being a Main Event player currently. Seth Rollins, has the keys to success, but unfortunately he will suffer through ” Cody Rhodes syndrome.” A young talent with a lot of skill who will likely be demoted after a huge push. Rhodes who had an amazing push with Legacy was seemingly demoted after it; and suffered through Dashing Rhodes, which only got him some fan exposure and a win against Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 27 (which is basically meaningless today; looking how WWE management treats Mysterio). It was a classic case with Dolph Ziggler; who won MITB, but to this day is still lost in mid card shuffle ( YES I HAVE HEARD OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP WHICH IN TODAYS WWE IS MEANINGLESS TODAY!) 

  Now our turn my attention to Roman Reigns. A classic case of a big guy; but dare I compare him to Diesel  of 1995; who was WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 11. Reigns is much better than torn quad Nash but lets see here; which the hell are his mic skills and everyone is bitching at Cena for his five moves of doom; when Reigns is a classic example of a not ready pushed talent. WWE has a tenacity of pushing guys to the moon to quickly; as is the case with Ryback in 2012; who there is no career hope in. Rumors state that Reigns is suppose to win the Royal Rumble in 2015; and main event Wrestlemania 31 against Brock Lesnar. Do I believe that Reigns should win the WWE Championship from the conquerer; NO NO NO! Dean Ambrose is the deserving one; from all members of the Shield who can put on a great match and he is well over with the fans; and had mic skills! In my opinion, it is too early to push Reigns to the main event; which is inevitably. To avoid Reigns being a bust like Ryback; let him not main event Wrestlemania 31. I believe if Reigns is getting a title shot it should not be at Wrestlemania 31 but Wrestlemania 32; with the Dean Ambrose an Seth Rollins in a triple threat encounter for the ages. The Wrestlemania 31 main event should not be reserved for Roman Reigns; but lets try a comeback story Daniel Bryan; or a match with the Undertaker redeeming himself and winning the WWE Championship. Many of you might think enough with the part timers; but if capitalize correctly; the Undertaker could have an excellent match with Lesnar; with a storyline behind it. Seth Rollins can then cash in on the Deadman at Wrestlemania 31 or the night after Wrestlemania 31. With that being said; three story lines can be put in places and then we could save the career of Roman Reigns. The Undertaker is attacked by Lesnar; which starts another feud, with a last match being a Summer slam 2015, Seth Rollins becomes champion and feuds with main stars such as John Cena and Randy Orton and Roman Reigns can prepare himself for Wrestlemania 32. Dean Ambrose is not lost in the shuffle; as he gets his opportunity for the WWE Championship at Summer slam. Roman Reigns can feud in a feud with Triple H or a friendly encounter with Daniel Bryan ( for contender ship  for the Championship at Night of Champions 2015). 

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