​The Rock Pays Tribute To His Grandfather + Corey Graves Debuts A New Video On The RAW Pre-Show


— Corey Graves debuted a new video on Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope during the RAW pre-show.

– The Rock posted the following to Instagram to commemorate his late grandfather Peter Maivia on his birthday:

Happy Birthday Grandpa. My grandfather, the late great High Chief Peter Maivia was somewhat of a walking contradiction. A proud High Chief of Samoa, WWE Hall of Famer, movie star rugged good looks (he once played a Bond villain opposite Sean Connery in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE). The kind of man when he said “I love you”, he meant it. When he hugged you tight, you felt it. The sweetest singing voice and the most kind, caring, gentle soul you’ll ever know. And on one fateful night in Japan, a notoriously tough wrestler was being very rude to my grandpa and continued to disrespect him and his Samoan culture. My grandpa stood up, they fought… and my grandfather bit the man’s eye out. End of fight. Grandpa passed away in Hawaii when I was 10yrs old. Still to this day, he’s the most beloved and respected man I’ve ever known. People always tell me, “Your grandfather would be so proud of you”. I hope so. Fa’amanatua lou aso fanau, ma lo’u alofa mo ‘oe forever. Love you and grandma. #HappyBirthdayGrandpa

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