The Secret Diary Of Wrestling: Edition #10


The #10 edition already. This one is going to be special, because I won’t just be recapping what I loved and hated about last weeks Impact and this Monday’s Raw, but I will also be commenting on an article written by Vince Russo.

Can you hear the chants?


I was meant to do this article earlier in the week, but I didn’t get around to it, and I know Impact is showing tonight, however, I still want to do a short recap of what happened on last weeks show.

Impact Wrestling .. well, what can I say? It was MVP/Lashley/King heavy. Extremely heavy. You might as well had sent everyone home except those three because they hijacked the show from the beginning.

I understand it, they want to garner heat on MVP. The only problem is, how many times have we seen this storyline? How many times can we see a guy with power form a faction and run wild over the roster? As a fan of Impact for many years, the way they overexposed this new stable didn’t do much to help. I will touch on the subject why TNA decided to turn MVP heel in the first place, but until then, let me say that last weeks Impact was missable. You didn’t miss a whole lot, if you have seen this kind of storyline, you can imagine what happened without seeing it. 

Kenny King was the star of the show in my opinion. He played his role, and I enjoyed his arrogance, he was passionate about portraying this persona. MVP’s best moment was laughing at Bully Ray for sympathizing with EY and reminding Bully Ray that he never cared about anyone before, aside from that he didn’t do a whole lot to impress. Lashley looked awkward as a heel, he didn’t look or sound like one, it’s hard to hate on a guy who has no character whatsoever.

The Beautiful People played their part once again. We got no X-Division, and we saw developments between Bram/Magnus and Gunner/Shaw hopefully leading somewhere in the future. Sadly, it was a very forgettable episode of Impact. Hopefully tonight’s episode has something going for it.

Monday Night Raw, I was late, so I totally missed the Brad Maddox firing. It was the right thing to do, why have a GM who never turns up and makes matches? Wasn’t Maddox put in place to be the Authority’s bitch and make matches on their behalf? I guess they felt he wasn’t ready, stopped using him, and now he’s gone, likely returning as a wrestler on NXT or something. Oh well, no harm done. Begin the show with a Big Red Machine destroying someone no one cares about.

Cesaro continued his winning ways against RVD, something which I highly praise. RVD returning to make the newer stars look good is best for the future.

Summer Rae is awesome. I have to say that. So you can imagine my dismay when the most terrible female wrestler since Lacey Von Erich attempted to roll her up for the win during a Fandango/Layla distraction. Eva Marie does not deserve to be in a wrestling ring, seriously. How did she end up in any top # list of hottest females? Striip away all the makeup and the red hair and see if she makes it then, she is fake hot, and has yet to prove herself in my eyes. Terrible result.

Ok, so we get another El Torito vs 3MB match. This is a comedy match for the kids, and it was placed pretty badly, something I will touch on later. As an adult fan, I don’t really care if a man in a bull costume gets his fake tail ripped off, but I suppose, if some little kid somewhere found it amusing, then why not?

I feel bad for the Los Matadores, they could be having real tag team matches with 3MB but the El Torito vs Hornswoggle feud continues on. and I can’t see it coming to an end anytime soon.

So we jump from a comedy match, straight into a situation where Bray Wyatt takes Jerry Lawler hostage. Cena comes out and saves the day and calls Wyatt a bitch. Going to touch on that soon when I talk about Russo.

Rusev destroys .. a white guy? This time it was Zack Ryder. I love this, just because of Lana, I could look at, and listen to Lana every single week with pleasure. It’s so old school, whenever Rusev comes out I almost feel like I time warped back to a time before I was born. Oh! Big E! Someone able to go head-to-head with the super athlete. I like where this is going.

Evolution continued to gain heat by beating up the team of the Rhodes Brothers. They have been really smart with the booking of the Shield and Evolution as of late. This is how you book a rivalry between two factions, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Batista and Orton are putting in some of their best work. Their work as a team is more exciting than what they bring individually, and it makes The Shield look more impressive as well.

Do you BOlieve? I do! You see, I liked Bo Dallas in his first (brief) run when he didn’t have this character. I have to admit, I don’t get the time to see much NXT, but from what I have read and heard, Bo Dallas was the most hated guy by a long way. Now he is on the main roster, the promos like the ones above, they give me inspiration, they make me want to bo-lieve. 

I feel like the crowd don’t know what to do when Bo Dallas talks. They feel like, although he is preaching and appears to have a huge ego, he is sending out a message of inspiration. That makes some fans boo him, and others cheer him, and it’s a really interesting dynamic. He is young, he has a long time to develop this character into something memorable, and dare I say .. legendary? You just have to bo-lieve, and I definitely will be.

Moving on, I am somewhat confused with the current title situation. I love Daniel Bryan, but if what he said was true, about his neck getting worse, he should have surrendered it. I understand in a storyline perspective why the character of Daniel Bryan wouldn’t want to hand it over, but Bryan Danielson himself? He has to know that they need the title. There has to be a plan to take the title from him, hopefully one that does not endanger his health any further. I felt it was too much already that he showed up on Raw, he should be resting.

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