The Secret Diary Of Wrestling: Edition #6


I enjoyed the Battle Royal. To see the US title in such a match was absolutely the right thing to do. Ambrose had held the title for almost a year and barely defended it. That wasn’t Ambrose’s fault, he was always too involved with The Shield to defend it individually. With Sheamus as champion, I hope they put a little more time into making it credible again. Whether Sheamus was the right choice or not remains to be seen, he hasn’t been relevant for a while.

The Cody Rhodes losing streak continued, hopefully leading to a feud between Goldust and Cody for the next PPV. Rusev had a real opponent in Kofi Kingston, it’s just a matter of time before a main event guy goes into a program with him. Lana is over already, which may help Rusev in the long run, big guys like Rusev need someone like Lana to connect them with the audience.


Daniel Bryan vs Del Rio was another solid match. Del Rio is in a state of limbo, it feels like the WWE wants to use him, but are having trouble finding a meaningful purpose for his character.

Bad News Barrett defended his title against Big E, confirming the fact that WWE are high on Barrett. JBL made a comment last week on Big E, saying he is “stale”, which I found to be a hint that Big E would be making his way down the pecking order really soon.

Adam Rose debut. The crowd liked the entrance, however, I felt the interactions between Colter and Rose to be awkward. Colter sold most of the segment, Adam Rose didn’t say a lot, and it’s difficult for me to formulate an opinion on his potential.

The Wyatts and Evolution working together to take out The Shield? I’m all for it. I think the only reason why it happened was due to Cena’s absence. There are so many three man teams in the WWE right now, and it results in six man tags, which I’m all for, as these matches showcase more talent in a shorter amount of time, leaving you wanting more.

I read Matt Boone’s horror movie article, and I have to agree. You can have too much of a good thing, and you can also fail to deliver the horror. The WWE has delivered a lot of segments that have fallen short in horror, and end up looking and sounding like a B movie. It’s hard to make convincing horror in a PG environment, so it should be done as a shocking device, not something we have to endure every week.

Besides that, I am really enjoying the WWE right now. There are a lot of players in the right positions to do big things, expect some shocking moments in the next year from them.

I would like to see comments on how you feel the WWE will be in the future. Who are the next World Champions? Who can you see as a future legend? Thanks for reading. have a nice evening.

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