The Shield’s Final Chapter Live Results and Reactions Review


Welcome to the live ongoing results page for WWE’s latest special event, dubbed The Shield’s Final Chapter, which is supposed to be the absolute “last time ever” that The Shield will team together (even though that has been advertised multiple times in the past).

The show is part of a random live event from the Tax Slayer Center in Moline, Illinois (Sunday, April 21, 2019) and is set to go live at 9:30 pm EST on the WWE Network.

This page will consist of live coverage of the program, as well as ongoing reactions/review from yours truly. I invite you all to join in on the comments below!

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Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (c) vs. Elias

  • Naturally, this starts with Elias ragging on the crowd. Balor comes out to try to sing “when I say Elias sucks, you say ‘yes he does’.” instead of Elias’s lyrics.
  • It’s weird to see this live event setup, particularly with the commentary table.
  • Wait, the match is over already? With that botch of an ending? What the hell? I guess the referee really didn’t want to make the same mistake that happened with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania.

RESULT: Finn Balor retained the title by pinfall.

The Riott Squad came out to sing their own version of Elias’s song, and it was absolutely atrocious, as expected.

Bayley and Ember Moon vs. The Riott Squad

  • LOL at Corey Graves’ comment that Liv Morgan is upset from splitting from Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott because she now has 20 less fingers and toes to count.
  • Why is Logan howling like a wolf?
  • Morgan being thrown out has been the highlight of this so far.
  • Another quick match that had no substance to it and nothing to talk about. This is quickly becoming the worst special event of the year.

RESULT: Bayley and Ember Moon win by pinfall.

Earlier in the night, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre interrupted a match between Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers against The Lucha House Party and took all six of those men out to make a statement.

The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre

  • They’re really trying to do everything they can to make it seem like there’s a chance The Shield will lose this match, or at least to give the heel team some heat. It isn’t really working, but at least they’re trying.
  • Dean Ambrose has to get the pin, right?
  • Zzzzzz….this match needs to start. I’ve been way over this event and I’m growing impatient for something that should feel more special than it does to me right now.
  • Wow, they didn’t give Ambrose the win. I’m surprised about that, and the Triple Powerbomb wasn’t through the commentary table ringside? Missed opportunity.
  • There wasn’t any need for this.

RESULT: The Shield wins by pinfall.

Overall Thoughts

If I would have approached this with any kind of high hopes, I would have felt underwhelmed. But knowing what this was going to be, I assumed it would be pretty much as worthless as it was. That sounds harsh, but after having a handful of other “final time you’ll ever see ___” moments, I felt no special connection to this. The Shield was a great unit, but they milked this way too much and the execution of this event was just downright pointless. I don’t care how monumental it is for The Shield to end, that doesn’t make this a good show, any more than Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant being one of the biggest moments in wrestling history doesn’t make it a five-star classic match. At least it was quick.

What do you think about this special? Tell us your thoughts on The Shield’s Final Chapter in the comments below!

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