The Top Five Worst WWE Cities


Throughout its history, the WWE has made in impact in every major city over the years. Some cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, and Toronto are known to have great fan support of the WWE as their arenas and stadiums tend to draw huge crowds.

However, there are some cities that no matter when the WWE comes to their neck of the woods, they tend to get lackluster crowds as these cities rarely host WWE events due to their lack of drawing power.

And so without further delay, here are the five unworthy WWE cities as well as a few dishonorable mentions:


Jacksonville, Florida. Although cities such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando draw pretty decent crowds, the largest city in Florida are not as enthusiastic when the WWE comes to Jacksonville. Heck, even the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars draws more people than the WWE.

Lexington, Kentucky. Another city that doesn’t draw very well for the WWE, as people in Lexington prefer Kentucky Wildcats basketball.


5. Nashville, Tennessee

From the famed recording studios on Music Row to the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville will always be “The Country Music Capitol of the World.” However, Music City isn’t so much a wrestling city as RAW and SmackDown tapings in Nashville tends to draw fewer crowds than Memphis (partially due to its wrestling history which involves native sons Jerry “The King” Lawler and The Honky Tonk Man).

4. Denver, Colorado

Denver may be former WWE Diva Eve Torres’ hometown, but the WWE seldom visits Colorado’s capital city. There was even a time when Denver was scheduled to host Monday Night RAW in May of 2009 but a scheduling conflict involving the Denver Nuggets (which draws more than the WWE) and had the show in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California as a result. Denver would not host another televised WWE event until 2012.

3. Seattle, Washington

Like Denver, the WWE rarely visits the Emerald City considering that the last PPV it hosted (the 2011 Over the Limit PPV) drew only 6500 people. However there is some hope, thanks in large part of the success of Washington state native Daniel Bryan. But then again, Seattle is not a top draw in the WWE right now.

2. Portland, Oregon

Like its Pacific Northwest neighbor Seattle, the “City of Roses” is also not a top drawing WWE city. For example, the 2008 No Mercy PPV drew only 9.527 fans in a 20,030 capacity arena.

1. Dayton, Ohio

Poor Dayton, Ohio. It’s a city that no matter how often a WWE event comes to the Nutter Cutter, it almost always draw low crowds as explained in this article:

– There were low attendance issues at last night’s WWE TV tapings in Dayton, Ohio. Several parts of the arena were tarped off. The camera side was full to the top of the arena but the opposite side had only three rows full. WWE reportedly tried a “buy one get one free” ticket sale over the weekend.

At least, WWE events in nearby Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati attract decent crowds.

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