The VS. Series: Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock


The Showstopper vs. The Brahma Bull. The Great One vs. Mr. WrestleMania. They are two of the greatest performers to ever step foot into WWE. They never faced in a singles match before, but they have had their own separate influences in WWE. If you were starting a new wrestling company, who would you have? This is the second installment of the VS. Series featuring HBK, Shawn Michaels, and The Rock.

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels has a case for being the best WWE Superstar of all time. He changed the way we viewed wrestling. Whether as a face or a heel, he is a reliable main-eventer and in-ring performer. He was just entertaining to watch. Whether it’s his iconic music, or his theatrics when being thrown into a turnbuckle, he is simply a treat to watch. His feuds with Triple H, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and even John Cena rank among the best feuds in WWE history. He has always delivered when it comes to the big time, especially WrestleMania. This is where he shines his brightest. His matches against the likes of Cena, an iron match classic with Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and the Undertaker stands among his greatest performances ever. He is just a spectacle to watch. His promos weren’t elite, but it got the job done. He can always be relied on to bring in PPV buys, be a heel, be a face and give it his all. He will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes in history and will remain as such. As his accomplishments go, he has been Unified Tag Champions, Intercontinental Champion, WWE Champion and has won the Royal Rumble twice (one of three people to do so). He doesn’t have a lot of World Title reigns to his credit and he may have held the World Heavyweight Championship only once, but he was always main-event material. Always. But is there an even greater superstar on the horizon?

The Rock: The Rock may not have the in ring ability Shawn has, but his charisma was arguably the greatest of all time. When he would get in the ring and just speak alone, it was, more often than not, entertaining. Now some people may call his antics cartoonish, but it certainly did get the crowd involved, especially his catchphrases. As for his in ring ability, he was relatively solid. Not on Shawn’s level, but he got the job done in this regard. His conditioning made his athleticism shine and he has shown incredible feats of power. Even to this day, at over forty years old, he is absolutely ripped. He’s in better condition than half the current WWE roster. Because of the way he has kept his body, he was permitted to hold the WWE Championship this year, even though his wrestling matches against Cena and Punk noticeably took a toll. We do have to thank him for brining in the new WWE Title, instead of that cartoonish spinner toy called a belt. As for his accomplishments, he is an Intercontinental Champion, a 10 Time World Champion, Royal Rumble Winner, Tag Team Champion, Undisputed Champion and much more. The Rock is truly great in both aspects when he was in his prime, and is great for business.

So who will you go with. Shawn Michaels or The Rock? Please tell me who and WHY you pick him too. I would like a great debate on this. Thank you once again.

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