​The Wolves Say They Would Love To Face The Young Bucks, Discuss Their Goals In Wrestling, More


The Wolves spoke with HuffPost for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On their goals in wrestling:


Eddie Edwards: “Our goal is to prove tag team wrestling is not dead, and never will it die as long as we are around. We want to show the art and beauty of tag team wrestling every time we go out there. That’s our main goal as a team, and that’s all it’s going to be in the foreseeable future.”

Davey Richards: “[Tag team wrestling] is experiencing a mass resurgence both here and overseas. All companies have great tag teams putting on terrific matches, and TNA is no different. Eddie and I are happy to represent that.”

Eddie: “It’s a great time for tag team wrestling. As long as [The Wolves] are at the helm of it in TNA, we will gladly carry it on. Our goal is always to be the best.”

On their Tag Title series with the Hardys and Team 3D:

Davey: “Credit needs to be given to The Hardyz and Team 3D. They’re rich. They’re famous. They don’t need any more feathers in their cap, but they respected me and Eddie enough to go out and do that.”

Eddie: “Professionally, it was a great opportunity to prove not only to the fans but ourselves that we belong in the same breath as not only The Hardyz but Team 3D. For a long time, I think maybe nobody thought we belonged there, but we went out and proved it.”

On what non-TNA team they’d like to face:

Eddie: “Fans would love to see us match up against The Young Bucks. It would be something special,” he said, “We’ve matched up before, but we’ve all stepped our games up. I would be very excited to do that.”

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