The Worst Matches Of All Time: Edition #2


Pat Patterson vs Gerald Brisco – King of the Ring 2000

My eyes! They hurt after watching! Even Jim Ross was having a tough time calling the “action”. So the story goes, Gerald Brisco won the Hardcore title, and Pat Patterson stole it from him (the 24/7 rule), and then for no particular reason, they dressed in drag.

Vince McMahon caught the two stooges brawling backstage, so he set up an evening gown match. The first man to strip the other down to his bra & panties would be the winner, while the rest of us sit there gouging our eyes out. The Attitude Era at its finest … let’s bring the Attitude Era back for matches like these!

Sabu vs Sandman – ECW November to Remember 1997

Yes! Some ‘ol EC-dubya. Back in the day when ECW were hardcore before anyone dared to be, they had some excellent matches, but they also had some epic fails. You can credit Sandman for being off his face 99.99% of the time. I couldn’t find the full match, but the video gives you the highlights (with music, no commentary) of the brutal encounter.

Apparently Sandman had downed two drops of acid prior, so you can understand why he found it difficult to work with the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death–defying man known as Sabu. I could probably make an entire series dedicated to Sandman alone, but if he’s taught us anything, we should drink and do drugs in moderation, so I can only deliver the Sandman in small doses.

Hollywood Hogan vs Warrior – WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

MINUS FIVE STARS! Hollywood Hogan vs Warrior is one of the worst rated matches of all time, and with sound reason. Hogan essentially carried Warrior as he didn’t have a clue, you can clearly hear Hogan call Warrior to the outside at one point, and the ending was botched; blink and you’ll miss it!

I’m not sure if it should be rated so low, as they managed to work a match, but it was underwhelming considering the hype. WCW was trying to relive past WWF glory, but it didn’t come close to matching their Wrestlemania encounter.

I’ll finish this up by saying the worst is yet to come! Stay tuned for all new editions of the worst matches of all time. Don’t worry, I have a large collection of filth to unleash, so if you’re personal favourites have yet to make appearances, do not despair as it’s only a matter of time. Thanks for viewing!

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