The Worst Wrestling Incidents & Injuries: Vol. 1


**Edited on October 1st 2018. Removed broken videos.**

Vader vs. Stan Hansen – The Eyeball Incident

Vader and Hansen were superstars in Japan, and this led to a really stiff match on the 10th February 1990. It’s hard to determine when, but at one point Hansen used his thumb on Vader and forced his eye out of socket. Vader was wearing a mask at the time, but he realized it started to swell so he had no choice but to take the mask off and physically put his eye back in. And then he worked the rest of the match .. crazy bastard. The match starts at 01:15, and Vader takes his mask off at 04:55.

Triple H Sends Orton Flying, Breaks Collarbone.


Orton and Triple H fought in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship at One Night Stand 2008, and on this occasion it ended with a real injury to Orton’s collarbone. He was unable to answer the ten count, so Triple H retained. Randy told the crowd to “Shut The F**k Up” as he walked away under his own power.

Billy Kidman’s Shooting Star Press Almost Kills Chavo.

Kidman rarely botched the Shooting Star Press, but one night on Smackdown he attempted the move on Chavo and drove his knee and full body weight on his head. The impact knocked Chavo out for five minutes, and he was sidelined with a severe concussion. Kidman didn’t last long in WWE after the incident.

Austin Breaks Chono’s Neck.

Five years before the infamous Owen Hart tombstone piledriver broke Austin’s neck, a young rattlesnake did the same thing to Masahiro Chono. Luckily Chono was able to recover from the neck injury and carried on with his wrestling career; but he was forced to alter his style to accommodate.

Hayabusa’s Botch Which Left Him Paralyzed For The Rest Of His Life

When someone says wrestling’s fake, point them to the first video. Just a simple mistake paralyzed Hayabusa for the rest of his life, and he didn’t walk again for another 14 years. Even after 14 years it was considered a miracle he walked to the ring .. with assistance. In 2015 he regained use of his legs and could stand on his own and walk with a cane. On March 3rd 2016, he was found dead in his home at the age of 47; he died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I think we should dedicate this to the man who fought so hard to overcome one of the worst botches in wrestling history, Eiji Ezaki AKA Hayabusa.

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