The Worst Wrestling Incidents & Injuries: Vol. 3


**Edited on October 1st 2018.**

John Cena Tears His Pec. Forced To Vacate WWE Title.

In 2007, WWE was pushing Cena to the sky (and to some .. down their throats), and he was a three-time WWE Champion who looked unbeatable. He held the title for over a year, and as he was approaching the 400 day mark, he fought Mr. Kennedy in a match on Raw. You can see Cena perform a hip toss and suffer a torn right pectoral tendon at 01:48.

He worked the rest of the match with his left arm, defeated Mr. Kennedy (with the STFU), and was ambushed by Randy Orton directly afterwards. The injury kept Cena away from the WWE title for two years, and ended the longest single reign of his career. Ignore the video’s title .. we all know the truth.


Mysterio Gives Undertaker Concussion, Broken Orbital Bone, And A Broken Nose.

And from one of the simplest moves in wrestling .. Mysterio sprang off the ropes for a seated senton, and broke The Undertaker’s orbital bone and nose. The Deadman suffered a concussion as well.

Mysterio went on to the win the World title, as Kane explained Undertaker was nowhere to be seen (Taker had a title shot in the Fatal Four-way main event after beating Rey in the same match) as he was in a “vegetative state”. Kane defeated Rey for the title, and they feuded over who attacked Undertaker til he returned to reignite the old rivalry with his brother.

X-Pac Tears His Anus Up .. And Claims He Almost Died.

You probably remember hearing about this a few years ago. X-Pac was working an indy match, and while performing his traditional Bronco Buster, the other wrestler moved out of the way .. and somehow X-Pac tore his backside. Waltman stated he could have died due to losing too much blood.

Sabu Breaks His Neck For A Second Time.

Sabu is a mad man, he really is. The thing is .. he was wrestling again a month later with a neck brace on. And you think this is the last of Sabu in this series? Think again. Sabu never let anything stop him, he just taped it up and kept going. Crazy? Tough? You decide. As you can see, Tazz takes Sabu to Suplex City, and it doesn’t end well.

D’Lo Brown Botches Powerbomb And Paralyzes Droz For Life.

This is where the introduction was leading. I don’t want to say much about the tragic incident involving Droz and D’Lo, other than the footage is tightly locked in the WWE archives and has a label saying no one can view, copy, or destroy it. Droz doesn’t have any ill feelings towards D’Lo or WWE, and he was kept on as an article writer for the website and magazines for several years. D’Lo expresses his feelings in the video. Thanks for reading everyone. Volume Four coming soon.


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