TheRichStaple Review of No Mercy 2017


Whether it was to have him garner more sympathy or simply have more visceral hatred aimed his way, WWE didn’t do him any favors in that regard. Roman needed the win much more than Cena did, but I am so sick and tired of finishers getting spammed and losing it’s effectiveness. 5-10 years ago, no one is kicking out of the Avalanche AA. Now, it’s becoming a common occurrence. I get that Cena is getting older, but four finisher kick outs? Maybe if you’re Brock Lesnar, but Roman Reigns? Aw…HELLLLL NO. I’m not going to justify this match with a high rating just because there were many kick outs. Just because you kick out of a finisher two or three times doesn’t make it a great match. Some may call this a passing of the torch from Roman to Cena, but I certainly hope that wasn’t the case, because of it was, that torch flamed out. The match, technically speaking was it what it was, but boy was this disappointing, topped off with a finish that only Vince could love. The post-match sympathy scene was just cheesy too. Again, nothing horrible, but far too lazy and uninspired. This wasn’t the star-making match I’m sure WWE wanted for Reigns. **1/2

Enzo Amore def. Neville (C) РCruiserweight Championship

I wasn’t laughing, so, therefore, this isn’t a joke.

Whatever. I thought this was gonna be Neville squashing Enzo within a minute, but instead, we get a boring match that wasn’t even remotely competitive and a cheap finish. Enzo Amore is no Eddie Guererro, and if this is how WWE plans on shaping the Cruiserweight Division, they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Bad all around. DUD.

Brock Lesnar (C) def. Braun StrowmanUniversal Championship

Screw off with that finish.

Give me a freaking break. This was literally a mirror image of Lesnar’s match with Samoa Joe. I don’t know how much you gotta pay Lesnar to get competitive singles matches more than 10 minutes out of him, but you can’t book Strowman like this. You just can’t do it. I said the biggest thing going into this match is finding a way to keep the title on Lesnar without having Strowman look like a joke, because, you know, eh’s been running through everyone and all that. Strowman laid out Lesnar. Like, LAID HIM OUT before No Mercy. No Mercy comes and what happens? Strowman dominates again, Lesnar gets a Kimura Lock, a fluke F-5, and that’s your finish. Strowman put Lesnar through through tables and has kicked out of countless finishers over the months, and all it takes is one F-5 to do him in now? What is this foolishness? Now, we likely won’t see Lesnar until January, and this is what he left us with. It wasn’t downright horrible, but you’re telling me you couldn’t make it more competitive than that? Not only did it only take one F-5 to get Strowman down, but Lesnar also kicked out of three of Strowman’s finishers. What a joke of a main event. **



As has been the case far too often this year, the PPV looked promising, but it fell flat on its face. The first half of the show brought great energy, urgency and got “THIS IS AWESOME” chants from the crowd often. But once we got to Cena/Reigns, we fell off a cliff rather fast. That final tail end of the show was just bad. Cena/Reigns was just a finisher palooza, Enzo/Neville was a damn joke and Strowman/Lesnar was far too short and disappointing of a main event. It’s just a damn shame that WWE can’t keep a string of momentum for extended periods of time these days and once again WWE had a chance to knock a PPV out of the park, and I was once left again saying, “meh”. So now Cena will presumably be on hiatus as well as Lesnar, and now it looks like Roman will go back to being the top dog for the time being. How fun. Thumbs in the middle for an uneven show.

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