Thinking Out Loud….And Ahead to 2014


As I’m laying in my bed and on my laptop, the song “Legacy” by Eminem comes on Spotify. I think to myself “What other rappers can say they’ve had a legacy?” The answer is not many. The snow begins to trickle down as well, and frankly, this is too depressing for me to go on with. But then it got me thinking; Which WWE Superstars will have a big 2014? Which ones will cement their -ahem- Legacy? Well, we take a look at those who had a big year, and without a shadow of a doubt, can have a big 2014.

The first up on my list is Dolph Ziggler. It surprises me that he just isn’t in the mix anymore than what he should. I hope that 2014 can be that year for him. He’s improved in the ring, but there’s still just one question. What about his mic-work? It kills me that he can’t get better on the mic. Spare me the whole “you either have it or you don’t on the mic” speech. I always hated that. People do get better over time on the stick, I think it’s more of a matter of just being comfortable. Dolph isn’t there on the mic, but that’s not to say that he won’t be a big star. Look at Brock Lesnar; He sucks on the mic but has Paul Heyman there with him. Heyman is the guy that gives him that cliched “Nod Of Approval” on the microphone, if you will. I think Ziggler needs someone to help him out. Let’s hope he can find it soon. I think 2014 will be a great year for him nonetheless.

I don’t even need to tell some of you my opinion on Big E. Langston. The dude is huge beyond huge. He scares me just by looking at him. The only other person to do that was Mark Henry. With that being said, I don’t think Big E. Will have a phenomenal 2014. I consider this upcoming year for him more as an evolving year. Langston will come out of that shell, and get as big as ever. WWE just can’t have him in either a Tag Team, or a stupid love angle. With his brute power, and even his mic work, Big E. Should have no problem being in that mid to upper level of stars. The only thing that I can see holding Big E. Langston back is his moveset. I’ve always hated being the one to say that, but it’s true. He seems limited in the ring. Nevertheless, Dolph’s former muscle has gotten better, and I hope that in 2014 he evolves like I think he will.

Another possible question could be Brodus Clay. While here on the site it was reported that Vince stated “There are no more heels and babyfaces,” I think that’s ludicrous. Brodus has always been better as a Heel for one. When they brought him back as the Funkadactyl, I wanted to cry. With his size, and overall look, it made me wonder why they didn’t pit him as a Heel. But when Sweet Tea hit the scene as his partner, I kind of figured that it was only a matter of time before one of them would change on the other. It looks like it is happening. I say GOOD! Brodus needs that limelight of being the “Monster Heel” role. It fits him well, the same way it did with Umaga (RIP). At this point, Sweet Tea is merely holding him back. After a while, I ask myself why WWE just teases with these Heel turns (See Miz), when the reality is, they don’t want to change them. It’s confusing. Anyway, look for 2014 to be a huge year for Brodus if he breaks away from the former Tensai.

This one just dawned on me, and I’m glad it did. Since the original Sin Cara got benched, Hunico has been taking on the duties. When you see Hunico in the ring, it’s such a breathe of fresh air. No more botched moves in every single match. No more uncertainty when he’s out there. Instead, we get someone who should have been in that place all along. We get the real Sin Cara, in my opinion. Hunico and Camacho weren’t going anywhere, and who knows, maybe Camacho will see singles or action, or at least sent to NXT for evaluation. Who knows there, but back to Sin Cara. The fans are getting behind him now more than ever. His merchandise sales are still through the roof. I say give the now former Hunico a mid card push, and see what he does. Just don’t give him too much free reign.

The last one will shock people for sure. John Frickin’ Cena. Now before the Cena haters come in, just here me out. Cena lost the unification match to Randy Orton…A match that should’ve been billed at WrestleMania. Overall, Cena has had a fairly good 2013. The question I have for Cena is where do you go from here? Do you still chase the title, or do you focus your attention elsewhere? If he focuses it elsewhere, I think it’ll be a refreshing breathe of fresh air. At the same time, if he goes after the title, the fans will still hate him.

…Hell, he’s Cena, of course it’ll be huge.

Well that’ll do it for this final edition of Thinking Out Loud! I’ll see you guys next year for the first one of 2014! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @NiFederico for all things wrestling, geek, and sports!

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