Thinking Out Loud: Life Without Daniel Bryan


Every Monday and Friday night, thousands upon thousands of the WWE Universe point their fingers in the air, and begin jumping up and down while one word comes from their mouths: Yes. YES! YES! YES! There is no doubt that Daniel Bryan has impacted WWE in such a way that just hasn’t been done in quite sometime.

But, what if there wasn’t a Daniel Bryan even around? What if after the CM Punk “Voiceless” era, there wasn’t a “Goatface?” Let’s drop those same fingers from the air, and stop jumping up and down for one second. Just how would the WWE be shaped as today? How would we react to an all John Cena era? Or, even a John Cena in disguised era, while CM Punk would still be dropping his infamous pipebombs on everyone. Let’s take a deep look, and think out loud!

Well, for starters, you could erase his title win. Eck. That doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth, but it’s true. At the end of the day, John Cena would still be a WWE Champion (From when Daniel Bryan and John Cena had their Summerslam match) Granted, it wasn’t really even a good match to begin with, but without it, we’d still be in the same boat that we are in now. Cena would’ve probably feuded with CM Punk; A feud that already ran its course after their match at Money In The Bank from 2011.

Me and a co-worker were talking about the Big Shows relevance today at work. We both realized that he wasn’t nearly as good as his early 2000 days. That got me thinking…Has it in ways rubbed off on Daniel Bryan? I know his popularity is at an all-time high, but look at it from a different perspective; What if they never gave Daniel Bryan a gimmick that is so simple as a “no”, or a “yes?” Would you still be behind him regardless? Would you still be holding up a “Lets Go Bryan,” or a “Respect The Beard” sign?

My guess would be no. Granted Daniel Bryan is charismatic enough to be in the upper-echelon of WWE talent, would he even be one of your favorites without pointing his fingers in the air, and yelling a yes or no? I know that I’m throwing a bunch of questions out there, but just remember that they’re meant to be rhetorical, and not to be taken too seriously. This is more of a piece to get you thinking, rather than last weeks, which was more on facts.

Another question suddenly just came to mind; What if WWE never rehired him after he choked Justin Roberts with his own tie? Yeah…Some of you probably even forgot about that. I’ll never forget the night that NXT “invaded” RAW. No one, I repeat NO ONE saw that coming. My jaw dropped when they literally dismantled the whole entire arena. I’ll be honest, I was a little shocked when I saw him doing that to Justin Roberts.

That to me wasn’t necessarily a mean to fire him, but they did what they thought was right at the time. Heh…They felt like it was “good for business”…No? Anyway, what he did wasn’t the smartest thing he could’ve done, but if they never rehired him, he’d probably be in TNA. I only say that because TNA would’ve been an amazing fit for Bryan (At the time). Keep in mind, this is 2010. The Bischoff/Hogan era was coming in, and they were looking to revamp TNA in anyway possible. Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles? Sign me up! Or even Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy (Granted Hardy was in bad shape). I could picture him going for the X-Divison title, and really taking off.

Or, if that never worked out, he could always go home to ROH. He could’ve just picked right up where he left off. Now, I don’t watch ROH so I don’t exactly know where that was but I’m sure he’d always have a job there. Daniel has so much talent that it really doesn’t matter where he’d land, because he is sure to amaze people anywhere he goes. I only say that ROH is his home because it’s where he got his start.

Either way you look at it, Daniel has done more than his share of entertainment, and being trained by HBK shows. When he back-flips off the top rope, it leaves me in amazement every time. I don’t mean to come off as redundant with words like “Amazed,” or “Entertained,” but when you talk about Bryan, that’s all that comes to mind.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing him start a faction with guys like (He kinda is already) CM Punk, or maybe Drew McIntyre, if they decide to actually allow Drew to be entertaining. But hey, that might just be me…Thinking out loud?

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