Thinking Out Loud: Rumble Wish List


The Royal Rumble is this Sunday, and I’m more than beyond pumped. We have stars already confirmed, and some that aren’t confirmed. Then, we also have some that we really want to see that usually end up being surprise entrants. I remember a few years back when Kevin Nash (As Diesel) and Booker T were surprise guests in the match. Although that one had 40, and therefore the most participants to date, that doesn’t mean this year won’t have any big names. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the names that may or may not come out. This is my Royal Rumble Wish List.

The first one is one of my favorites from the WCW days. Keep in mind that I was never really a WCW guy in the first place, but nevertheless he was as talented as they come. DDP always had that “it” factor that should’ve went further. Granted in WCW, he was a huge star, but when he came to WWE, they didn’t really know how to utilize him in storylines. Still, it would be fantastic to see the new master of yoga come in and just Diamond Cut Randy Orton. Oh, the irony in that. Even though he would be a surprise, I think in 2014 a lot of people would most definitely mark out for Diamond Dallas Page.

With his recent return to the inner WWE circle so to speak, another awesome surprise would be Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I think the crowd still popped for him after all these years, and he didn’t really look back. I think that Jake got the rush like he did in the 80’s, and doesn’t want to trade that for anything now. That’s a good sign considering his recent drug issues. DDP has done more than a phenomenal job at helping Jake find himself again. But the only thing I see standing in the way of this is WWE saying that they only wanted Jake for the Old School RAW episode, and not for a Royal Rumble appearance. But, instead of being in the Rumble itself, what about at the very least just doing a backstage segment? Either way, I hope to see The Snake back in a WWE squared circle. I never actually seen him wrestle a match, as I was born in 1991, so by the time I got into wrestling, Jake pretty much wasn’t on the scene. Here’s to hoping he’s in the Rumble though.

Another surprising entry would be MVP. There has been recent rumors circulating that the Baller might come back to a national spotlight, and what if he did a one night return on Pay-Per-View? I have to be honest though, I was never really a huge MVP fan to begin with. The most entertaining thing I feel he did was with Matt Hardy when they tried one-upping each other. That stuff was pretty funny, but other than that, he wasn’t much to ride home about. But still, it’s always a great thing to see former talent back even if it is for one night just to see if “they still got it” or not. With the case of MVP, I think there’s no question. He always was a good wrestler in my opinion. That said, I think the reason why he never got a main title push was because of two things; His size, and possible attitude problems backstage. While I hope that wasn’t the case, he still always had the ring talent.

What about The Undertaker? Not much has really been said about Wrestlemania 30, and his status. Most feel that Taker should be good to go. Others feel that he hasn’t done enough outside of the ring to stay in shape enough for a Wrestlemania match. But, even if he isn’t 100% ready to go for Wrestlemania, having him in the Royal Rumble match is a damn good start to get him back into the swings of things. My opinion? He’ll be ready no doubt, but again it’s still a questionable status for the Deadman.

The next one is one I doubt would happen, but I still hope for. I miss Chuck Palumbo. Man, how awesome of a twist would that be? We haven’t seen Chuck Palumbo since he was riding Derrrtttyyy (As the kids say, I’m sure) on his motorcycle. I like the whole biker gimmick that WWE gave him. It was an opportunity for him to be himself without actually trying too much. It fit him so much better than that stupid Billy and Chuck gimmick. I never understood why they would even do something like that to begin with. Hell, it reminds me of The Funkasaurus. Nuff said.

Lastly is my favorite on the wish list. I would love for the clock to hit zero, and hear…Wait for it….Raven’s theme! That’s right, the man who had a flock behind him. I always liked Ravens persona, and felt that no matter where he went, he never got the fair shake he should’ve. You can make a case for TNA, though. In ECW, he was huge, but ECW was never really mainstream, even on TNN at the time. With WWE, they had absorbed so much other talent that Raven was kind of on the backburner. When he go to WCW, I think that they thought he was more over than what he was. But, they gave him a couple different straps, but no one really seemed to have faith in him. Oh well.

That’ll do it for this week, and be sure to watch WWE Royal Rumble on PPV this weekend! Follow me on Twitter for my Tweets during RAW, and the PPV on Sunday @NiFederico . Thanks!

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