Thinking Out Loud: TNA For Sale!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the first installment of “Thinking Out Loud”. I am Nick Federico, and I’ve been (Like most people) a fan of WWE for as long as I can remember. In fact, my earliest memories were my grandma playing “Beat ‘Em Up” with Ric Flair and Randy Savage action figures at the kitchen table…Yes, you read that right, my grandma. RIP Marianne.

But, I’m not here to talk about Ol’ Granny Federico playing with toys. I’m here to talk about TNA being up for sale. I have to be honest, this news kind of came as a surprise for me in many ways. Then again, it’s not exactly every day you hear of a wrestling promotion being up for sale. The last time that happened, a rich billionaire bought out his competition back in 2001. What was his name again? Hmmmm….

Well, first off there has been multiple accounts of Smashing Pumpkins lead Billy Corgan potentially being one of TNA’s bidders. As some may know, he has his own promotion based in Chicago called Resistance Pro. Before that, he did some stuff for ECW. It wasn’t much back then, but in ways, helped him understand how the actual in-ring part works.

Would he be a good fit? I think so. Granted, he may not have the financials as eWN has reported, but you can’t go wrong with having someone in charge who actually loves wrestling for a change. It’s more of a refresher, instead of seeing Hulkster, or Eric Bischoff in charge. I’m fine with Billy coming in, even though most people may even have mixed feelings about it. But, let me pose the question; What are you mixed about?

Is it because he doesn’t have any actual in-ring experience? Or, is it because he may have a partner come in with him to help solidify the sale? Maybe it’s because it wasn’t someone who you expected overall? Well, whatever the case is, let me answer your question with a question; How would you feel if Vince McMahon bought out TNA?

I know, I know. This isn’t really likely to happen as the product would once again become over-saturated. That’s a fair assessment to make, but what if TNA was left alone while Vince bought it? What if TNA still had tapings in Orlando, and guys like AJ, or Samoa Joe, or Bobby Roode still wrestled for TNA, which would be a subdivision of WWE? Again, not likely, and I understand that but it doesn’t hurt to use some imagination about it.

Or, what if even TNA was bought out by Spike TV? Spike is another name that is considered to be somewhat interested in the sale, but are afraid to pull the trigger quite yet. The reason is likely due to Bellator, and the weak ratings that has received. All I can speculate is that if TNA was to be bought out by Spike, I’d look for it to stay on the air for years to come. My only complaint is that Spike may not fully understand the logistics of Pro Wrestling. Granted, they’ve hosted ECW, and WWE prior but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ready to own their actual promotion.

This may be a bad comparison, but that would be like what WSX was for MTV. I get the sad feeling that if Spike owned it, TNA would be out after a year or so. That would be a shame considering the aforementioned names are built in TNA stars. Maybe they’d leave Jeff Jarrett in a power position to handle the wrestling aspect, while they were in charge of the business side. But, hey now I’m just…Thinking out loud!

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