Thoughts on what the WWE is doing & what they can do in the future.


Let’s see if I can get 200 words in this post. I want to write this about today’s stars, I like Stardust & I like how they’ve mentioned that Stardust is related to Dusty Rhodes like they’ve done with his Brother Goldust, I like the way they did a rematch from Monday Night tonight & this time they showed the Referee catch Stardust cheating & then Neville beat Stardust with a victory roll like Bret Hart used against Bigelow to win the King of the Ring. I like the way they’ve used this feud with Bray Wyatt to bring out what I call shades of Wild Samoan out of Roman Reigns & I hope they push Roman Reigns because even though Rollins looks & sounds good, I think Reigns is the Future of Babyfaces in the WWE. I miss seeing the Uso’s in the ring but on the other side of the scales I like what they’re doing with the Tag-Team scene, they’ve added the Lucha Dragon’s & even though it’s still stagnant I believe that the Tag-Team Scene is in good hands. I love the additions of NXT Divas Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & the NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Flair & Lynch joined Paige & Banks joined Naomina. I would prefer Tamina winning the Title from Nikki Bella but I also want to see Nikki lose the Title just to end her Title reign. I’ve always been a Fan of both the Intercontinental Championship Title Belt & the United States Championship Title Belt, so that’s what I want to talk about next. I think that John Cena has brought back prestige to the U. S. Title & I believe that by leaving the challenge open to the entire Locker-Room is what helped bring back the prestige of the U. S. Title. I think that one part of making the Intercontinental Title prestigious along with the U. S. Title in the future is by either doing a Tournament to determine the next challenger & the second way is by using a ranking system.

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