Thoughts On WWE Competition And Cross-Promotional Alternatives.


To Conclude, Or Not To Conclude?

I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit when I say promotions outside WWE need to band together. It’s the only way I can see real competition happening, aside from WWE making NXT equal and manufacturing a war. Why do I crave this so much? Because I want WWE to worry, I want them to feel threatened, because only then will they give us the best they have to offer night in, night out. It’s the only way we can have another boom period, and the seeds have been planted, but it’s going to require a great deal of cooperation to make it work.

TNA has to turn and ask for help, it’s the only way they can make their main event scene worthy again. ROH and New Japan should be more accepting of the “sports-entertainment” side TNA is tapping into with its Matt Hardy stuff and show more imagination. In other words .. it’s OK to have fun sometimes. We don’t need to tear the house down every match. I don’t want them to ever lose wrestling as the focus though .. that is the important thing as wrestling should never be considered a dirty word. It is an art form only a select few can master and do safely for years.

Like any business things have to change. WWE cannot continue to be at the top forever, eventually it’s going to get stale and the fans will tune out to look elsewhere. When they do, the wrestling business needs to be ready, to remind them what pro wrestling’s about. To slowly pick away at the lead WWE has, and not to be afraid of the consequences. Keeping hold of talent is difficult, so they must come together and share to fill in the gaps. Only then can we have a true alternative, a group of promotions with the same goal of providing an alternative for wrestling fans to enjoy.

These thoughts have been stuck in my head a while and have found their way here. Might have been random but I hope you liked it all the same. We all want to see things get better, because what’s the point in living if we don’t strive for better? Through wrestling’s flaws, the industry could become one we are proud to say we support. We have to believe it will otherwise we become content with mediocrity. I’ve been some guy, you have been a reader of a wrestling article, and on that note I bid you farewell and good night. It’s been glorious.

bobby roode

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