Three Things To Be Excited About Going Into Extreme Rules


Extreme Rules is finally here and just about a month after WrestleMania 30 this show is here before
anyone thought it would be. Really, this Event is built around three matches.
Here we go.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane

Bryan was the guy that
everyone wanted to be champion and that moment is finally here. Bryan brings
some things to the table that most guys can’t. The people are behind him and
now the company is trying something new. Maybe they’re not behind him, but they
are certainly giving it a try. Bryan lost his dad, been on TV three out of four
weeks and this match feels like an afterthought. No doubt it will be a key
match in the show, nowhere near the main event status that comes with being WWE
Champion. Kane is back as the Big Red Machine and is looking for that last
taste of gold come Sunday. The problem is that we have seen these two guys
wrestle before, in fact, we have seen them go at a couple of times already.
That is one thing that has hurt this feud; Kane is not a real challenger, but
more of filler for this event. I see this being a one night only match and
Bryan will move on to the next guy come June.

The Shield Vs. Evolution

This is the real main
event in the eyes of the WWE office. The Shield is the Shield and one of if not
the best thing going in that company right now. One has to wonder though, is
this a program for the Shield to get more over, or is this just a buffer for
Batista and Randy Orton? The WWE Universe did not react to Batista being in the
top main event picture and Randy Orton has been in the WWE hunt or being
champion since Summerslam. It is almost certain that The Shield wins here and
would be a mistake if they did not, as they are the young guns right now in the
WWE. Evolution has been a letdown since they came back a few weeks on Raw.
Throw in the fact that whatever Ric Flair was trying to achieve last Monday
night did not work at all. If he is the key that opens the door for Evolution
to win on Sunday then Raw would make more sense, if not then that was a waste
of Ric Flair. So here it is, I see Ric Flair coming back on Sunday and costing
The Shield the match, therefore dragging this program out one more month. It
just feels like there is a lot more they can do with this feud that they have
not done already.

John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt

It seems like the WWE
creative team got their creative juices flowing on round 2 of this feud.
Probably the most talked about building up on this card. On one side you have
Bray Wyatt killing it in his promos and making this seem like it is going to be
a must see match. Then you have John Cena is acting like it’s another night at
the comedy club. Why that is when Cena is being serious is one of the best
promo guys that WWE has. But Cena has a problem with bringing comedy into his
feuds. I can admit that when Cena does his serious promos I am a fan. I just
can’t stand his cornball jokes. Out of all feuds why would you try to do you
comedy stuff on a guy who wants to destroy you? John he wants to her hurt you,
yet you think all is well and ha-ha let’s make a joke. I get it’s pro
wrestling, but it’s not even about reality, it’s about common sense. IF someone
wants to hurt you, you do not crack jokes about it. You take it seriously.
Anyways, this should be the blow off match in this program, or at least it
looks like that. Unfortunately, I can’t be 100% certain that WWE does the right
thing for Bray and Cena beats Bray for the second straight time.

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