Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite 3/11/20


Tiffany’s Takes focuses on the Elites in the land of the Latter Day Saints! How will things play out in tonight’s AEW Dynamite?

I’m still not over Jon Moxley being AEW Champion! So happy and excited!

Hangman Page

So, Page didn’t choose either of the Bucks, or he chose Nick, not Matt. Adds nuance to the Page vs Elite feud.

Ortiz vs Cody

Love the tribute to Roberto Clemente, one of the all-time baseball greats. Still not quite into face!Brandi, but at least she’s not dressing like a wannabe voodoo queen. I also like them leaning in to Arn Anderson as Cody’s coach.

WHOA, there’s Jake and his client! Looks like Lance Archer!

Someone should warn Cody against using the Rack Attack (I don’t know the technical term for it). It really screwed up Nikki Bella‘s neck. Use that move carefully.

I really enjoyed this match. I’m glad AEW isn’t dragging out the mystery of Jake’s client like they have the Exalted One storyline. Proud n Powerful might have thug gimmicks, but they’re both great wrestlers and it’s nice to see them get to show that off. Brandi whooping Santana with a belt is hysterical.

Cody makes Ortiz tap to the Figure Four, but Santana’s not done. Elite make the save, but Archer staying his hand despite that tease out on the floor.

I’m not sure what’s behind targeting Nick specifically other than them maybe wanting to write him out so he can go home and spend time with his wife and new baby. Also frees up a spot for Blood and Guts that I’m sure a certain Death Rider would be happy to fill. Just saying.

Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose and Bea Priestley 

I still don’t get Statlander, but that’s okay, I like the other women in this match. Like Priestley’s new look, though it looks like she missed the party pony memo. Not sure why Statlander’s so mad at Nyla, Nyla beat her fair and square and Statlander shouldn’t have gotten a rematch to start with.

I really liked this match. AEW’s women’s division has gotten a lot of criticism, but to me, this match shows that the division is moving in the right direction. You had four great athletes put on a great match with grappling and submissions. I really liked Shida and Statlander’s teamwork.

Rose and Priestley won, but it looks like Priestley has her eye on that title. I’m not ready for Rose to drop the title just yet, not after a few weeks. Let Rose have it for awhile.

Christopher Daniels

I LOVED this promo. Daniels mocking Dark Order is genius. I also love the little nod to Troy McClure from The Simpsons.  So, the revelation of the Exalted One is coming, probably after those matches.

Jurassic Express vs MJF, Butcher and Blade

This was kind of a throwaway match, but I really enjoyed it. Always enjoy seeing Jurassic Express in the ring. Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt are always fun to watch and Luchasaurus vs Butcher was fabulous. Except for that plancha to the outside, what the fuck was that?

Heels won, but that was a good match.

Darby Allin

I knew this thing between him and Guevara wasn’t over after Revolution. The Jericho mask is creepy AF.

AEW Dynamite

Britt Baker

First of all, congratulations to Big Swole on her marriage. Also, AEW is using Cedric Alexander, who doesn’t work for them, better than WWE, who he does work for. Also, Britt vs Swole is a feud I can SOO get behind. Let’s do this!

Death Triangle vs Joey Janela and Private Party

This was a REALLY good match! Joey Janela hasn’t gotten a ton of ring time in AEW, but he’s such a good wrestler. However, Death Triangle is a VERY good team and they are definitely not something to take lightly, even if the name is kind of stupid.

Heels win, but that match was wonderful. Death Triangle is a force to be reckoned with. Love Best Friends and Cassidy coming to the rescue.

Dustin Rhodes

Not sure who Page’s actual choice is, but he’s got Dustin Rhodes now. If my memory serves, Rhodes and Page were a pretty good team a few months ago.

Who Wants to Team Up with Shawn Spears?

This is kind of fun, but given Spears’ record, I wouldn’t be beating down the AEW Dynamite doors to be his partner. At least some of the guys were cute.

3-18-20 AEW Dynamite Card

  • Lucha Brothers vs Best Friens
  • Exalted One Revealed
  • Inner Circle vs Elite – Winner gets advantage in Blood and Guts

Blood and Guts Rules

2 men enter the cage for one five minute round. After that, every two minutes ONE man will enter the cage and it will alternate between the teams starting with whomever wins next week’s six man tag match. Match begins when all ten men have entered. No pinfalls, countouts, or escaping the cage. Win can only be by submission or surrender.

Cody and AEW are leaning into the old War Games, not the watered down, flippy nonsense WWE came up with. Good for him.

Jon Moxley

Mox in black…YUM. Not sure where this is being filmed, it doesn’t look like Mox’s home. Mox being medically suspended, don’t think that’s going to stop him. I still think he’ll be part of Blood and Guts.

You have to be a TOUGH SOB to call Jake Hager a bitch. Mox will be at Blood and Guts, HOPEFULLY in the Blood and Guts match. Come on, Cody, put him in!

Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes vs Inner Circle

I like this idea of Page’s choice of partner being taken away and adding to his estrangement with the Elite.

This was a great match. Page proving to himself that he’s better off on his own, without the Elite dragging him down. Loved Jericho making fun of Page, but the taking beer from fans, even if they’re plants, gives me the spooks with everything going on.

Page gets the win for his team, but that didn’t help him with the Inner Circle since most of the Elite were at the hospital with Nick. Oh, Omega to the rescue! Or not.

Oh, they’re back! Cody’s back from the hospital at least. Inner Circle basically making sure the Elite have to call on reinforcements to win Blood and Guts by taking Page out, but Matt to the rescue! Matt putting his feelings aside to help Page is an interesting wrinkle to this story. Fair’s fair. So, it looks like the Elite are going to be a few men down in a couple of weeks.

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