TLC 2015 Preview and Match Predictions


TLC, the annual spotfest show of WWE. Last year’s show was an utter abomination which I included, might I add, the dreaded chairs match between The Big Show and Erick Rowan. The fact that stairs has been removed already makes this show better than last year’s. But what about the rest of the card? Let’s find out.

Ryback vs. Rusev

So this match was added at the last minute. For the past two weeks these two have fought and it ended in a count-out in both situations. Someone can fact check me on this, but I don’t think Rusev has ever defeated Ryback in a singles match, so I’m expecting Rusev to pull through here. With the return of Lana, I can’t see why he would drop his first PPV match back. Besides, as a member of Sheamus’ League of Nations, there has to be some formidability shown, right? I don’t particularly care for this, and hopefully it doesn’t go over 6 minutes.

Winner: Rusev

Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens (C) vs. Dean Ambrose

Yea, so I have Kevin Owens going over here. Dean Ambrose has pinned the champ on two straight ocassions, the latter of which came in their impressive bout at Survivor Series. I was kind of upset that these two didn’t get a stipulation for their match, but then again, with all of the the other stipulated matches on the card, you don’t want it to be overkill. Besides, these two don’t really need tables, ladders or chairs to have a great match. Kevin Owens has looked relatively strong on PPV this year, only losing on three occassions by my count (Survivor Series, Battleground, Money In The Bank) and there is no incentive to put the the strap on Dean at this juncture, and much more so there is no reason to take the belt off of Kevin Owens as he carries the belt as though it actually matters. Expect an Owens victory here.

Winner: Kevin Owens

4 on 4 Elimination Tables Match: Team ECW (The Dudley Boyz, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer) vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt)

Well, I think that it’s safe to assume that nobody expected Tommy Dreamer to return to WWE (though he technically is a free agent and will be working Indy events) or Rhyno to return to the main roster as well. I think that it’s also safe to assume that little to no-one cares. With all due respect to them, I am under the impression that WWE is just looking for any name they can get to fill the void of the recent injuries and departures, so I suppose while I can’t blame them wholeheartedly, they won’t be setting the world on fire. Anyways, this match is intriguing and I think will make for, at the very least, an entertaining spot-fest. The Dudley Boyz know the psychology and the proper use of when to use tables, so they should be sufficient for knowing what to do. Meanwhile, The Wyatt Family have little to no credibility because of their lack of a convincing win. They lost 2 on 4 to Kane and Undertaker and Bray lost his feud against Roman Reigns. This faction should be running roughshot over the entire roster, but instead they are becoming the bearded, psychotic version of the Nexus. Team OCW (Old Championship Wrestling) shouldn’t be going over here as the Wyatt Family need a win and a win badly. To top if off, Tommy Dreamer pinned Erick Rowan, so that booking pretty gives the rsult of this match away.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

United States Championship Chairs Match: Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. Jack Swagger

It’s safe to assume that Del Rio’s return has been an utter flop and he provides no value to the roster other than him being able to put on a good match when he’s motivated. Swagger was sort of resurrected this time after working Main Event and live events for the majority of the year. I’m not particularly rooting for anyone in this match, but I’d say that Del Rio would make a better champion than Swagger. And once again, Del Rio is a member of the League of Nations with his belt, so I can’t say that he should lose the title here. Swagger and Del Rio, I believe, are capable of having a great match if they decide to go the Patriot Lock vs. Arm Breaker route, which I assume they will. I fully expect Del Rio to retain via submisison with a chair, because then why else would you need the chairs?

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Divas Championship: Charlotte (C) vs. Paige

WWE has me screwed up in the head with his feud. Paige is an established heel, but it would appear to be that Charlotte will be turning heel herself after her controversy against Becky Lynch over the past couple of weeks. So not only do I not know who to expect to win, WWE hasn’t shown me who I should be rooting for because apparently they are both dastardly now. I mean, I can’t see Paige dropping two straight PPV bouts against the same person after her heel turn, and it’s also troubling that Becky Lynch keeps defeating Paige before her PPV bout, so I don’t lean strongly on her winning either. I mean, I guess I should go with Charlotte here, but I’m counting on Lynch to play into the finish. This is a toss-up for me. Perhaps a DQ or count-out finish may be in play as well.

Winner: Charlotte

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: The New Day (C) vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

The way I see it, WWE hasn’t given me a reason to believe that The New Day should be concerned about losing their belts. They defeated every tag team division in the Elimination Chamber and defeated three other teams at Summerslam (though to be fair The Usos were injured). Not to mention this is a 3 on 2 on 2, so The New Day have the numbers advantage. The New Day recently took a loss to The Lucha Dragons on Smackdown, so I don’t see them winning and I don’t The Usos winning so soon after their return. I expect The New Day to carry the WWE Tag Team Championships into 2016.

Winner: The New Day

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