TLC…..A New Direction is Approaching!


The upcoming TLC pay per view has had me thinking a lot about what is perceived to happen and what actually might come to fruition as we approach the New Year. John Cena and Randy Orton have had many feuds over the years, which makes this current one more common and predictable. However, I have my reservations as to why this feud was started in the first place and why it happened so quickly. I completely understand that the WWE is selling the idea of a Title Unification, but why now? Why all of a sudden with no lead up?

These are the questions that have been floating around my head ever since “Word Life” hit the arena towards the end of Raw, leading us into a John Cena & Randy Orton challenge of who can hold their belt higher in the middle of the ring. I understand new rivalries usually begin after a pay per view, but there were no hints or leads during Hell in a Cell to relate to a Cena/Orton feud, let alone title unification. Therefore, it leads me to believe Cena will be the new Face of the WWE, as Triple H and Stephanie screw Randy Orton out of the title, going down as another infamous screw job in the McMahon family history books.

All of this could conclude with John Cena being a baby face leader of the Authority, instead of the Heel we all clamor for, but never get. The Authority will get their guy to lead his own revolt in making his case for doing what is Best for Business. For example, naming Daniel Bryan his successor at Summer Slam can be labeled as a pre cursor of his relationship with the Authority. A move that everyone was waiting for, but a decision John Cena wasn’t afraid to make on his own.

I know you all are thinking no way this isn’t going to happen, but let me just explain my reasoning on how I have come to this conclusion. Over the last few Raw episodes and current storyline promos, I have come up with the following opinions:

• Many of the segments involving Randy Orton have been robotic and uncharismatic, which makes for a hard sell as a leader. I realize he is playing an adopted role as the Face of the WWE, but he is not making many people respect his role if he shows hesitation in it himself.

• Triple H was a fighting champion and never backed down from a fight. He has to be enamored by the guts of John Cena constantly wanting to fight the best and disappointed with Randy Orton complaining about being the one everyone is gunning for. Another interesting tidbit was Triple H clapping for John Cena and seeming somewhat disinterested with the entrance of his guy, Randy Orton. It was also obvious as the cameras made sure to capture it as it happened.

• Stephanie has constantly been shown rolling her eyes at Randy more and more as he complains that no one will stroke his ego. She has been quoted as saying, “No one person is bigger than the WWE,” especially not Randy Orton.

• Another interesting thing I liked was Triple H telling Randy to grow up and be man, something he has struggled with lately.

• I also think the reason why they gave Cena the title so quickly was so he could become the Unified Champion if indeed the idea was to merge. The face of the WWE must hold both belts at first, shouldn’t they?

There have been many A++ wrestlers to align themselves with the corporate powers over the years, which doesn’t make this situation any different. John Cena is the charismatic, strong willed, and highly successful wrestler Triple H wishes Randy Orton was and could be. However, after months of trying to get his storyline over, he will be forced to go with a known commodity to keep it fresh and intriguing. John Cena would then be pushed by the Authority to be explosive and fearless, leading to a new revolution. This would then be the perfect time for Vince to come back as the heel who tries to destroy him, just like he did with Stone Cold. At TLC, it will be the same bell ringing to end the match, but instead of Vince Mc Mahon and a Sharpshooter, it will be Stephanie McMahon and the STF. As a babyface figure, I’m still not sure how Cena would allow wining a match under such scrutiny, but anything is possible in the WWE……

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