TNA Bound For Glory 2015 Review


Conclusion – It’s a tough one to rate. Simply put, the event hinges on how much you appreciate wrestling matches with little build or meaning behind them. It also hopes you don’t become annoyed at audio difficulties and a dead crowd. Everything about the event is a step back in comparison to a few years ago, when Bound For Glory delivered something different to what you see each week on Impact. I remember when TNA planned months ahead of time, and built feuds gradually.


With the excessive TP tapings, future episodes were taped before Bound For Glory, meaning TNA had to fill in the blanks. The only title change was the World title, but (SPOILERS) the next episode of Impact will clear that up. Nothing could change at Bound For Glory 2015 because they had to stay within the timeline of events, and the event suffered just like the previous years.

Until TNA stops taping months of TV in advance, PPV events will suffer. Why would anyone be invested in an event which guarantees no actual title changes? I will say one good thing though, every match on the card was given sufficient time, and there were no Bad matches.

The basic consensus would rate this event to be fairly Good, to fans who simply enjoy wrestling. Average if you expected a little more entertainment, production, and surprises (Absolutely TERRIBLE if you hate TNA). The ending is a mixed bag, with Matt deserving a moment to shine after all of his years in the business, but only doing so after a short stint as a singles wrestler (following Jeff’s injury) at the expense of an unpinned EC3, and an exceptionally hungry Drew Galloway.

Initially I was disappointed with the results, but after a second watch I saw the matches were of decent quality, so the talent did everything they were asked, so I’m sure many will blame TNA for the booking, but I’m just going to move on and accept that Matt had his moment, so I can only hope the company can find a direction and stick with it in future. How would you rate the event overall? Thanks for reading.

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