TNA Going Going To Far With Free Monthly Themed PPV


or those wondering, TNA still does Monthly pay-per-views. Instead of doing them on a pay-per-view format where you have to pay to see them, now TNA is giving them away for free on Spike TV.

Dixie Carter said in an interview with Sports Illustrated and stated the following: “TNA Is Cash Flow Positive” No you’re not, if you were then all of these rumors would not be saying you’re going out of business. I am not side tracking, I am stating that TNA is in an obvious bad situation right now. It ties back with pay-per-views.

Let’s go back in the day, WCW gave away quality pay-per-view cards that could be put on PPV. Instead they put them on for free on TV back in the early 1990’s with show that were titled as “Special Events” and it was a big deal. All the greats were on that card. It was a way for WCW to compete with WWE at the time.

WCW figured out something very interesting, instead of giving away these free shows on free TV.

Why don’t we make people pay for them and make a decent profit? Wrestling promotions get money through TV rights which most people know. If you put a show on pay-per-view and people buy it then you are essentially doubling your money compared of what you would make in TV rights on monthly bases. Make sense?

With all of that being said, TNA was doing poor pay-per-view numbers on monthly bases. They have been doing pay-per-views since the beginning. They started out on weekly pay-per-views for heaven sakes. Dixie Carter stated that we are cutting our pay-per-views down from twelve to four a month to make our product better. OK great, I have no problem with that. They stuck with that for a couple of weeks and what happened?

TNA announces that we are getting pay-per-view quality shows for free on Spike TV. This has turned out to be every month that there is a special edition of Impact!

What is so funny or sad if you think about it? The special editions of “impact” are titled the same pay-per-view names that they were running before. Here are some PPV names that they have aired on Impact! (Genesis, Turning Point, ETC)

With that being said, TNA is taking pay-per-view money and put the revenue in their pocket. Instead TNA is putting it on Spike TV to boost ratings. They are losing money and going backwards.

The reason WCW was putting these shows on pay-per-view was to MAKE MONEY and they found out you lose money by airing it on free TV.

If you have seen the reason that history has changed and the reason WCW changed their ways in producing PPV/TV why would you go back to the proven pattern of losing money? By switching to PPV format, it increased WCW revenue and grew their business. By going backwards, it makes no sense to do that.

When you put out a pay-per-view show on PPV, you have to give your audience a reason to buy it. So if they are not buying it, wouldn’t it be on your end and you’re the problem?

I am not trying to knock TNA whatsoever, I want TNA to grow. I believe there should be competition for WWE, but don’t play stupid when there is real problems going on internally in your company.

Agree or Disagree let me know in the comment area below.

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