TNA Knockout Writes A Blog Regarding Pay Issues – Read Her Complete Blog Inside Here


UPDATE x 7: Havok posted a new blog entry discussing reports of TNA pay issues and more. Check out the full blog post at the link and some highlights below:

 I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, that TNA is getting a lot of heat for numerous things.

 There is nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the show. Fans are suppose to do just that. Don’t stress yourself out over something that doesn’t concern you to begin with.

 The other thing that drives me nuts is that there are WWE fans, and TNA fans, and WWE fans HATE TNA, and vice versa. I don’t know why burying something or someone is needed. In my honest opinion, i feel fans should just support wrestling in general. And if you don’t like something, just don’t watch it, and don’t bury someone else for liking it.

 I have friends who wrestle for WWE. My boyfriend is in NXT!!! I also have friends at TNA, i have LOTS of friends on the indies! We are all the same!!

 I watch all wrestling. I watch TNA. I watch WWE. I watch NXT. I watch Indy stuff. Shimmer, shine, FIP, 2cw, CZW, New Japan, ROH, etc. Sure, there are things on each show i may not like, but there are also things i do like, and to me, it is entertaining.

 I love wrestling and i support wrestling, and if you are a true fan, you should just support Wrestling. Not a certain *brand*, because i promise you, you will find something you like anywhere, the whole show may not be your cup of tea, but I’m sure there is something. Just open your eyes to the varieties out there!

 I am sure there are some of you who will have a smart ass comment or two after reading this, but never fear! i don’t care 🙂 You will be *blocked* . OR we can just agree to disagree. Thanks guys!!

UPDATE x 6: A new report suggests that TNA’s wrestlers aren’t the only ones behind on payment. Several freelance workers, some of whom have worked with the company for years, have said that over the past two weeks the company was behind on paying the production staff. They have reportedly been short on several dates now. For example, the production staff is still owed money for the One Night Only PPV tapings on February 13-16 at Universal Studios in Orlando, which was sixty days ago. It’s the standard in TV that freelance workers are paid within 30 days. Bigger companies like ESPN and FOX pay within 14 days.

 One member of the team was told by the accounting department that the checks were cut on April 3 but no one has received them. He said: “They are just blatantly lying to us all of the time. They’re probably still on the floor in Dallas at the office of Panda Energy.”

It was previously reported that TNA was weeks behind payment but is catching up. Checks are said to be going out now and being received. It’s believed the payment issues are why Taz left the company after six years earlier this week.

 The freelance workers have also received late payment from TNA’s UK tour on January 29-31. Most of them didn’t get the checks until early April, between 65-70 days after he shows ended. All of them, along with two dozen workers, were shorted payment on an average of over $1,000. Several people claim that the accounting department has used many excuses on why pay is late. The most common is that the check is in the mail. However, many have either not received it until weeks later or just never received it. Another excuse is the weather caused a delay. One production team member said this is the third year in a row this has happened. He and others are telling other freelance workers not to work for TNA.

 He added: “We are tired of being treated like this. It’s the lack of respect more than anything.”

 UPDATE x 5: Here are some additional details on TNA’s recent issues with pay. There is said to be a lot of issues behind-the-scenes, as morale hit a new low due to many wrestlers and employees being behind on payment.

 TNA’s top stars have contracts which state that they are paid a salary on the first of every month. The other talent work on per-show deals. Several of the biggest names were behind on pay, which is said to be growing into a major issue. Some of the wrestlers were over 30 days behind while others haven’t been paid for longer.

 When Matt Hardy tweeted photos showing that he received five checks from TNA at once (see below), it’s believed that it showed he was one of the performers who were owed quite a bit of money. Even if his intent may have been to show that TNA workers are being paid, it also shows that he was behind on getting his money.

 As previously reported, Taz announced that he left TNA and thanked them for his time there. He was reportedly “way behind” on pay and refused to fly to Nashville to do post-production commentary due to his issues with the company.

 TNA recently moved the payroll office from Nashville to Panda Energy’s home city of Dallas. Some people have used this as an excuse for the payment situation. However, TNA has actually been sending checks out of Dallas for a while now.

 Meanwhile, word is that “the honeymoon is pretty much over” in regards to TNA’s relationship with Destination America. Discovery signed TNA as “an experiment”, hoping to add to DA’s lineup. TNA is easily the highest-rated show for Destination America, but Discovery isn’t happy that TNA can’t generate ad revenue. They were also expecting a larger amount of TNA’s audience from Spike TV to follow it during the move. That obviously didn’t happen. Destination America is available in 61.7% of the homes that Spike TV is in, but the new episodes of iMPACT! are only getting 30.2% of the audience that iMPACT! had last year. Even with the replay, it’s still bringing in less than half the viewers it had on Spike TV at this time last year.

 UPDATE x 4: According to sources, Al Snow received a tryout to be a TNA announcer recently.

 As previously reported, Snow did practice session voiceovers in studio with Josh Matthews after Taz’s issues with TNA began and he refused to take his scheduled flight to Nashville, TN to do voiceover work for the episode of iMPACT! that airs this Friday night on Destination America.

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