TNA Lockdown 2014 PPV Preview


TNA Lockdown is the first PPV of the year for TNA and on paper it looks like a decent card, but nothing to go out of your way to see. I am interested to see what they do in the main event, but other than that it is a decent card at best. Let’s get into it and yes I know you will voice your opinions so tell me what you think. TNA Lockdown 2014 PPV Preview:

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe

When Magnus took over the reins of being world champion I was not thrilled. For what he has been given, he has done a good job of telling the story that TNA is giving him. Samoa Joe is the guy right now to be world champion. From the intensity that he brings in and out of the ring. To all the way of his delivery of his promos. Most importantly he is mega over win the fans right now. You could say they should have given him the belt a long time ago and i would agree. TNA wants to break out of the gate for their first PPV of 2014 then they need a new direction and champion.

Prediction: Joe wins the title.

Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, The BroMans) vs. Team MVP (MVP, The Wolves, TBD) Winner gets control of TNA Wrestling

If you notice they changed the stipulation of the match which makes me believe that Dixie Carters team will win at lockdown. They can’t have all MVP or all Dixie side. Meaning Joe can’t win and MVP teams win as well. Since I picked Joe to win, I see them having a conflict with Joe as champion, but Dixie Carter wins control of TNA.

Prediction: Team Dixie

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim

Since Madison Rayne’s return to TNA it has been decent, but nothing special. I think it would be a step back if they put the strap back on Kim here. So i am going with Rayne to get the pin fall. Unfortunately TNA is giving a lot of time to this feud, but me and the rest of the fans simply do not care about it.

Prediction: Rayne Retains!

Gunner vs. James Storm

Seeing the slow turn I was not excited about this match, but the build has been decent enough to get my interest. Gunner has been the guy who fought for his country and Storm has been the guy who just does not give a damn. Putting Gunner over would make sense, but this is pro wrestling folks and with a company that does not do many pay-per-views a year. Since it is a last man standing match, Storm can do something heelish maybe with a beer bottle or something where Gunner is close to winning it, but Storm cost him somehow.

Prediction: James Storm

Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

It will be interesting to see how Shaw does in a match that is longer than two minutes. I do think this will be the match of the night by any means, but decent at best. Anderson gets his revenge in this one and Christy Hemme can be safe.

Prediction: Mr. Anderson

Bad Influence & Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue

Pretty sure this will be the match that kicks the show off. I understand why they are bringing in new wrestlers and new names, but you already have a good roster. I think it’s unnecessary. With that being said, TNA needs to introduce these guys in a strong way and that’s the reason they get the win.

Prediction: The Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue

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