TNA Lockdown 2014 Review


The first pay-per-view of 2014 for TNA and with every match held inside of a steel cage let’s see how the show went from my point of view. 

The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu def. Kazarian, Daniels and Chris Sabin
This match was a nice opener to get things started. I will admit that I did not expect much from this match and it proved me wrong. Having the TNA guys (Bad Influence and Sabin) lose to the new comers in the states will not hurt them at all. They had an entertaining match and it was a good way to kick things off. I will not try to repeat myself to much on how some matches do not belong inside a steel cage, but this one really did not have to be inside the cage due to it being a six man tag. Other than that, no other complaints in this match. Good match that gets a 3.5-5* rating. 

Samuel Shaw def. Mr. Anderson
The match was what it was. Sam Shaw proved that he is a decent wrestler, but this match was more about the emotional connection between Sam Shaw has with Christy Hemme. Dragging her into the cage was pretty smart, yet you could see it from a mile away when watching. Anderson did not lose anything from this match in the way he lost and good god you would think that Christy would a restraining order on his guy already. Decent match that gets a 2-5* rating. 

EC3 open challenge and it’s accepted by Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley got a nice pop when he came out and I guess it’s nice to see him back. He was decent in WWE, but a very forgettable run in TNA which was 2009. I do not like him running through EC3, however it is understandable. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here with most of the top talent already in a program. He might just take a few squash matches to get everyone to remember who he is or there is a feud for him already and that’s with EC3. Will it be more than a one night only thing is still to be seen, but overall a nice return.

Tigre Uno def. Manik
The match was an international flavor of wrestling. I do not know what to exactly call this kind of wrestling, but a nice change to say the least. Uno got a nice win and a nice debut for him. However I do not know how far he can go in TNA. He looks like someone who can be an x division champion, but most likely will be the latest jobber on the TNA roster. Manik has not been used for some time so his loss means nothing. Decent match that gets a 2.0-5* rating.

Last Man Standing Match: Gunner def. James Storm
This was not a match but rather a brawl. The new and improved James Storm was a much needed upgrade. Storm does a good job at changing up his character when it needs a change and it was well deserved in this case. The new character is more of a darker guy, but still keeps his redneck roots in his new appearance at the same time. I still have no clue why you would have a gimmick match within a gimmick match. Either way it was what you would expect in this match and what you see is what you get. Decent match that gets a 2.5-5* rating.

Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne (c) def. Gail Kim
This match had few sloppy moments early in the match, but really turned things around and finished with a strong match. They worked hard, but the fans could have cared less. Now this is a match that belongs inside a steel cage. Rayne looks to be a strong champion, but with how they book her I can’t call her that just yet. You can’t have her look strong one week and then the next she looks like a weak champion. Constant booking is a must with her. Good match that gets a 3-5* rating.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Magnus def. Samoa Joe
I think this match should have main evented the show as the world title should be the most important thing in the company. Now I understand why they did not have this to end the show because let’s be honest it’s BS. I will admit that I am a Samoa Joe mark, but having Abyss interfere was bad. If you wanted Magnus to win that is all fine and good, but to have Abyss interfere I thought was the wrong call. I think it is totally out of left field for him to interfere. They will have to have a really good reasoning behind this move. The match was good down the stretch, but the finish leaves a bad taste in the fans mouth.  Good match that gets a 3.5-5* star rating.

Lethal Lockdown: MVP, Willow and The Wolves def. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Bro Mans
There is a lot to get to here so I will break it down in sections:

1. Jeff Hardy coming out as Willow
Predicable, but a cool entrance none the less. Not only does he look like a joke with his attire the commentators was making fun of him and the entire gimmick. If Willow is the next character for Jeff Hardy then at least allow him to be taken seriously.

2. Bully Ray being the special guest referee was another over booking decision by TNA creative. The turn was even more out of the blue with the recent behavior of Bully Ray. He is not real babyface material so they will have a ton of explaining to do on Thursday. 

3. Having MVP team win the match was predictable, but with how the world title match went down. There will still be a conflict between him and Dixie Carter. 

This was a been there and done that approach to the match just with different characters. Good match with a 3.5-5* rating. 
Overall Rating: I would not say this is a great PPV, but i am hesitate to call it a horrible PPV. No doubt the last match and the world title matches did not live up to hype. 5-10 overall rating with the under-card holding this PPV together.

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