TNA Should Really Utilize the Six Sided Ring


If the rumors are correct, and they usually are, then the six sided ring is coming back.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.   I guess it differentiates Impact from its competition in some respects but it also feels awkward as fan that has been watching wrestling in a four sided ring for a very long time. If, however, they are insistent on going back to that format, they really need to find creative ways to utilize it that make it more than a stylistic oddity.

Here is one idea that occurred to me without a massive amount of thought or effort.   Were Impact paying me handsomely to sit around and think about it all day, I am sure I could come up with more.

Triple Threat Tag Matches: The concept of a tag match is that two opposite corners are occupied by the teams while the corners between them are neutral.  Therefore, you can work in your corner and double team or work back and forth in a neutral corner and stay away from “no man’s land.”   The few times they have tried putting three teams in a four sided ring it hasn’t worked well.  WWE has done it a few times and it was just weird.

With a six sided ring, you could alternate between a team corner and neutral corner so that all three teams could work at once and you could require normal tags in and out.   I haven’t followed TNA closely enough to know if this has ever been done before, but I could see it as a regular match type, perhaps even a standard of the tag-team division that would be entirely unique compared to WWE or ROH.

JR, among others, has talked a lot about TNA needing to differentiate itself from WWE.  Rather than being WWE-Light, they need to be something totally unique by offering a product that includes good action and good storylines presented in a way that no one else does.  The six sided ring, in and of itself, is not that special.  However, it does offer then the opportunity to use their creativity and talents in ways no one else can…  IF they choose to take advantage of it.

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