TNA Slammiversary XII Recap


TNA Slammiversary XII took place on June 15, 2014 at the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. It is the 12th anniversary celebration for TNA, the tenth event in the Slammiversary chronology. The tagline for the event was “A Dream Twelve Years In The Making”.

The event delivered nine wrestling matches, including three championship bouts. The average match length was 9 minutes, 38 seconds.

~ Manik returned to action in the X-Division title match. 

~ Crazzy Steve made his PPV match debut for TNA.

~ The Von Erichs debuted on TNA programming. Marshall and Ross were accompanied by their father, WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Von Erich.

~ Kurt Angle returned to announce the next TNA Hall of Fame inductee. He is out of action recovering from surgery.

The show began with MVP, Lashley and Kenny King. MVP informed the fans of the situation regarding the main event. The main event was originally scheduled to be a steel cage match between Eric Young and MVP for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, however, as MVP had picked up a legitimate injury, he was unable to compete. MVP informed us the matches between Lashley/Joe & Aries/King would determine the opponents for Eric Young in the main event, making it a triple threat steel cage match.

This was not a work by any means, MVP was legitimately injured, which led to noticeable tensions between Kenny King and MVP during the opening segment. The crowd did not seem to care for MVP at all.

Match #1 – TNA X-Division Championship Ladder Match. – (10:09)

This match set the tone for the night. Sanada has not done much to defend the title lately, so this was a more than worthy challenge for the Japanese warrior. It also included the debut of Crazzy Steve in the X-Division, Manik returning, and the TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Wolves, challenging for the X-Divison title for the first time.

The match was typical X-Division. Lots of actions, lots of great spots, far too much going on to detail it all in a short recap. Crazzy Steve was over with the crowd, and easily the most unpredictable challenger. 

Crazzy Steve had his hands on the title at one point for what felt like forever. He did not think to use his legs to go up one extra step and claim the prize. He stood there on top of the ladder, reaching for it, wasting all the time in the world until Sanada got his act together and stopped him.

The best spot of the match came after Tigre Uno set a ladder as a bridge from the top ring rope to the middle of a standing ladder. Manik delivered a summersault powerbomb to Davey Richards from the top of the standing ladder, leaving Davey Richards spiked on the bridged ladder.

Unlike usual ladder matches, the babyface champion Sanada bolted up the ladder while his opponents were distracted and received the title. It was a rather abrupt end to a decent outing for the X-Division.

The crowd were really into it, I was really into it, but I felt the match should have been given more time, and the ending was so anti-climatic to get Sanada over in the best way possible. Without the negatives, I would still rate this highly.

Match Rating: 7.5/10

Match #2 – To determine the first challenger for the TNA World Title match. – (09:17)

Lashley has been booked really strong as of late. He defeated Eric Young clean not so long ago, and he continued to do that here. With MVP out of the way, Lashley went to extra lengths in this match to put his heel antics over. Samoa Joe was seriously over with the crowd, which made the match all the better.

Both men are big, but they are also agile. They can work, and they both love to fight. I can’t really say much more about this match, I found it to be good, but it didn’t blow me away. Lashley needs to spend more time fighting guys like Joe to garner chemistry, which will produce better matches in the long term.

Match Rating: 6.5/10

Match #3 – Singles match – (10:10)

This was another standard match for this very average feud. I am still unhappy with Willow as a babyface, as he doesn’t really suit it, and with Abyss in his corner, Willow had someone to watch his back for a change. As a fan, it’s hard to root for either of the two in their current roles, and I don’t understand why they are feuding. I also feel Bram has been pushed on us too soon with barely any introduction, we know very little about him, but we are expected to believe he and Magnus can hold off two former World Champions.

The highlight of the match was the much needed interference of Abyss and Bram, and even with Abyss holding Bram at bay by involving “Janice”, Magnus was still able to pick up the win on his own. All I have to say is, please end this feud.

Match Rating: 5/10

The PPV picked up from this moment forward. The crowd became more vocal and welcomed Kurt back with open arms. Angle assured us he isn’t retired yet after the crowd gave him a “You still got it!” chant.

Kurt Angle gracefully announced the next inductees into the TNA Hall of Fame, the team of Brother Ray (Bully Ray) and Brother Devon, the most decorated tag team of all time, Team 3D (AKA The Dudley Boyz). Their accomplishments include:

  • ECW World Tag Team Championship (8 times)
  • WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • WWE World Tag Team Championship (8 times)
  • WCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • IWGP Tag Team Championship (2 times)
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
  • PWI Tag Team of the Year (2001, 2009) PWI Tag Team of the Decade (2000–2009)

Team 3D made their entrance to a great ovation. The crowd chanted “Get the tables!” for several minutes, and it would have continued forever if Bully Ray didn’t speak up. They also got a classic “3D” chant, paying tribute to their finishing manoeuvre.

As Devon talked, the crowd chanted for “One more match!”, and overall it was an enjoyable moment for all. It makes you wonder if Team 3D will have that one last match sometime soon. Bully Ray pandered to the audience a lot, and they finished with Devon giving his vintage “Oh my brother … Testify!”.

Match #4 – To determine the second challenger for the TNA World Title match. – (10:07)

When I originally saw this match on the card, I was disappointed, as I felt Aries deserved a little more then another match with Kenny King. With MVP’s injury, it made this match mean something, and it didn’t disappoint.

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