Top 10: Favorite Current Gen Wrestlers


“TheGreatOne” is back!! I guess, I could have called this blog the 2nd coming(Y2J) of TheGreatOne. For those who may not know, I was kind of a big deal passing 100+ blog milestone. The booking challenge will be returning as well as the top 10s. However, in my first blog back, to get people to know me who don’t. I don’t want to jump back on this ship and be critical of a wrestlers without letting everyone know who I am a fan of. As far as current wrestlers go, here is my top 10:

Any promotion I watch: WWE, ROH, TNA! I don’t judge by 5 star matches. I
judge do you entertain me while you are on my tv screen or not.
Excluded part timers and NXT from this.

HM: Adam Cole, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Mike Bennett…just name a few. 


RD Evans-For those of you who do not watch ROH you won’t know him. However, you will soon if
you don’t as I have a planned article in place for RD to talk about the #thenewstreak… be continued!

-Wrestling, they are very good, but struggled to find their
identity til they became a team. Now ROH world tag team champions
defeating some of the best tag teams in the world including the reigning
TNA world tag team champions Wolves. Their promos is what seperates
themselves from the pack. I enjoy the comedy they bring to their
opponents to mock them. That is why they are in my favs.

-I got to get me 1 of those shirts. BOlieve! I find humor in how
he does things which is what I find very entertaining. Unlike most of
the 3 hour raw he is 1 of the few parts I find very entertaining and
must see. Do I see him a future world champion? No! Do I see him as 1 of
the best wrestlers on the show? No! As far as
entertaining goes, he is one of the most entertaining parts of the show
which is why he is 1 of my favs on this list.

News Barrett
-I love how everyone just jumps on the wagon while it is
hot. As soon as the debut of the gimmick was out everyone crapped all
over. I believe in giving characters time to develop. Crowd was really
getting behind the character to the point where Barrett won back the IC
title. Unfortunately, he got hurt and had to give up the prestigous
championship. I love hearing badnews get delivered to other WWE
superstars as do a lot of other wrestling fans. I find humor in it which
is why he is on my favs list.

-From the beginning, I always thought more of Ambrose of the 3.
His promos are head and
shoulders above every shield member. He has that it factor that thing
that keeps your eyes and ears open when he is on the talking box. Other
shield members have a punch or needs a hair dye to be different. All
Ambrose needs is a ring or a microphone.

ring, look, king of swing. Cesaro is obviously 1 of the top performers
in the world. 1 of the best in WWE at what he does in that squared
circle. How does the swing not catch someones eye? Why WWE doesn’t use
him correctly is beyond me. Future world champion right there.

-how rare is it that you have dark character come out like this.
He separates himself from the roster. That is something that isn’t done
enough. How many monster heels, cocky heels, ect do we need. His promos,
entrance, feuds, and even his matches are must see. What is not to
Well singing….

-he caught my eye in his promos. I always enjoyed the team of
the Briscoe brothers. I like his badass approach to his promos. The way
he got hurt and decided a new champ in that tourney. Not getting pinned
in 2 years (lost ladder match) defeating Elgin to my surprise.

-He has always been one of my top favorites for years now. Have
not lost hope despite the losing streak lol! Yea, he is the IC champ.
Hopefully it turns into something bigger later on. Showoff attitude,
entertaining segments that catch your eye, his in ring work, desire, and

-The best in ring performer in the world before he got hurt in my
eyes. However, the reason
he is my favorite is because the reaction he gets from the crowd. Been
my favorite wrestler since the segments with Kane and Anger Management.
Sucks to see him have to give up the belt after getting hurt after the
torture of waiting for him to finally win the strap on the biggest stage
of all…..Wrestlemania!!

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