Top 10 Feuds for Miro in AEW I’m Looking Forward to Seeing


But when he hits on something, boy does he strike gold.

Like Jericho saw potential in Orange Cassidy, what is it he sees in Miro that he wants to pull out of him? What can he do opposite Miro that brings out a whole new life for The Bulgarian Brute? I’m way more than curious, so let’s pair them up and see if it’s magic or if it’s a total mess.

Darby Allin or Joey Janela


Both of these guys are in the same boat and can be summed up in one sentence: they can get the shit beaten out of them by Miro and make him look good.

I’ve given up on being invested in Janela. By now, he’s yet to captivate me past his performances in No DQ environments, so I think he’s only going to be particularly useful with those matches. To a certain extent, the same is happening with Allin. I don’t think he’s as deep as he’s portraying himself and I enjoy the character most when he’s just doing crazy dangerous stuff that I also don’t feel comfortable endorsing, just for his own health’s sake.

But if Miro is going to steamroll anyone on the roster other than the enhancement talent we see every week on Dark or The Initiative or anyone who isn’t a total jobber, these two are the perfect crash test dummies.


Maybe there’s more to this version of Miro than meets the eye, at first. Perhaps I’m just not being patient enough to see the nuances of his character. At the very least, though, I know a good moniker battle when I see one, and if we have a guy who constantly says “I’m better than you” and another guy who calls himself “The Best Man”, them’s fightin’ words.

Miro has to be the babyface here, obviously. There’s no way he could stand next to MJF and get booed over him. So this is better reserved for when the crowd can firmly pull a “Rusev Day” type endorsement of Miro by fully getting behind him even while he’s a heelish character. Then, he can stay a jerk, but just be directing it toward an even bigger jerk.

Mr. Brodie Lee

Miro Day as a cult of positivity, of sorts, versus Dark Order’s actual cult? Maybe that’s a thing to explore down the line once Miro is no longer associated with Kip Sabian and has some other partners that can come to his aid.

Miro strikes me as a better partner for a Colt Cabana type than Dark Order, for instance. After watching how funny John Silver and Alex Reynolds are on BTE, too, maybe they can be converted over and be lovable goofballs alongside Miro, as well.

Also, these two are no longer constrained by WWE’s shackles, so that’s tapping into the same curiosities as the Cody and Jericho matches. If they pull off something great, then WWE could learn a lesson about actually pushing people past the imaginary ceiling they give them. If they end up having what would have been a normal Luke Harper vs Rusev match, then we know WWE was right all along. That alone makes it worth seeing inside an AEW ring, but I’m hopefully optimistic it would be better than what we’ve seen before.

Who are you excited to see Miro face in AEW? Tell us your list in the comments below!

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