Top 10 Lucha Underground Stars


Son of Havoc

Here is a guy that was definitely passed up by bigger companies due to his size. At a whopping 5′ 7”, 177 lbs, Son of Havoc has found a home at the temple. After stints in CZW, ROH, and WWE, Son of Havoc (Matt Cross on the Indy scene), has shown his dominance. With both his powerful and acrobatic ring skills and his pretty-solid mic skills, Son of Havoc managed to capture trios team gold with his partners Ivelisse and Angelico (who I’m getting to very soon).

*Match to Watch: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, & Angelico vs. The Crew 4/22/15*


One of Son of Havoc’s trios partners is up next on the list, and his name is Angelico. Phenomenal athlete, risk taker, and overall great performer are some of the phrases to describe Angelico. Both of his roof top spots (you’ll know which ones I’m talking about once you see them) will make you say, “Holy s**t!”

*Match to Watch: Angelico, Ivelisse, & Son of Havoc vs. The Crew 5/20/15*

Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr. is definitely up for there for best heels in the company. His character comes across as very dark and mysterious (dedicates his matches to his “master”). His look is fantastic with the face paint and contacts. It’s also nice to have a break from just the high-flying luchador, whereas Pentagon Jr. has a methodical pace and likes to lock in his arm-breaker whenever he can strike.

*Match to Watch: Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix 11/19/14*


Talk about power! Cage brings more of a WWE big guy-style to Lucha Underground, but he does it better than most WWE talent does. He may only be 6′ 0”, but he is jacked out of his mind. His wrestling ability reminds me of a younger Brock Lesnar (OVW days). He brings power moves to the tables, but he can still whip out a moonsault if needed.

*Match to Watch: Cage vs. Aero Star vs. Argenis vs. Angelico 1/14/15*


It sounds like a bizarre character. A dragon-man with a very long tongue who was excommunicated from the temple and left through a ball of fire. It’s insane to think about, but it works. Drago is a great worker, a top tier guy that always puts on top tier matches no matter who he is facing. When the odds are against Drago, he puts on an even better match than he did the previous show.

*Match to Watch: Drago vs. Cage vs. Hernandez vs. King Cuerno 6/10/15*


This luchador has been through some wars! His fued with Mil Muertes was/is definitely one of the high points of the show so far. Fenix’s look is kinda ehh. Looks like just another luchador, but he doesn’t perform like it. If you put him in the main event against anyone, that match will steal the show.

*Match to Watch: Fenix vs. Mil Muertes 3/18/15*

Alberto El Patron

This was a great investment done by Lucha Underground. Alberto’s signing definitely brought in a lot of viewers and created a lot of buzz for the show. His ongoing feud with another WWE alum (Johnny Mundo) is excellent and has been exciting to see unfold. I am pumped to see what these two guys have in store at Ultima Lucha.

*Match to Watch: Alberto El Patron vs. Texano 3/25/15*

Mil Muertes

Ladies and gentleman, your monster heel! This guy is a powerhouse! At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of Mil Muertes, but as the series went on he definitely grew on me. With having the lovely Catrina by his side, nothing can stop Mil Muertes. He is like the Lucha Underground version of Rusev, but much more dark and violent.

*Match to Watch: Mil Muertes vs. Fenix 5/27/15*

Johnny Mundo

Another guy (much like El Patron) who added star power to the show. Kinda seems like WWE dropped the ball with this guy. He started off the show putting on great matches as a face, and is continuing to put on great matches as a heel. His fueds with King Cuerno and Alberto El Patron are worth noting.

*Matches to Watch: Johnny Mundo vs. Big Ryck vs. Prince Puma 12/10/14 & Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno 3/11/15*

Prince Puma

How can’t this guy not be no. 1? Amazing, incredible, and outstanding performer. He’s been champ since Aztec Warfare and hasn’t lost the belt since, defending it 7 times! His 450 splash is an awe-inspiring move every time he effortlessly hits it to his opponents. If you put Prince Puma in any current pro wrestling company, he will definitely be a top star no doubt.

*Matches to Watch: Aztec Warfare 1/7/15 & Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo 6/17/15*

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