Top 10 Most Humorous Fan Signs


We’ve Cena Nuff

As funny and as great of a play on words as this is, John Cena is a focal point in WWE. He is untouchable when it comes to the intensity department. But yes I agree sometimes I’ve Cena Nuff of Cena too.

The Person Behind Me Can’t See

This kid may not be a poetic genius, but this sign is a classic. Sometimes oldies really are goodies.

I Could Be Home Watching Nitro for…$9.99

I wouldn’t pay attention to the Nitro sign, the most important aspect of this photo is the for just $9.99 sign. I swear WWE will try to get the Network and its price over any way possible. Why else would Mr. Dunn not have this sign confiscated? I’ll tell you why, because the WWE Network is just $9.99 (well $11.99 in Canada).

Kim and Kanye’s Baby

This guy is at every WWE event always. He’s always in the same clothes in the front row. But he’s pretty funny I’ll give him that. They should just sign his ass already. But this sign is so offensive, a great talent is being made a fool of in this picture. And that man is Big E. It’s a New Day, oh yes it is!

Bret’s a Shitman not a Hitman

As funny of a play on words that this is, this pencil neck geek clearly knows very little about pro wrestling. One of the best performers ever should never, ever be treated in such a regard. I’ve got one “This guy and his sign, are way beyond asinine”. I know where my career is heading, the next Edgar Allan Poe.

If Cena Wins We Complain Online

Well this sign certainly holds true. But he completely buried the IWC. What a piece of work!

Vince Likes Me

Pretty suggestive sign no? More like a prop I guess. But the real story here is it’s this guy again. I guarantee we’ll see him front row at Raw this week with a red hat and blue shirt on. Will he appear on this list again? Likely.

Laurinaitis For President

Well if the US has one guy with fake hair running for President in 2016, why can’t Johnny Ace give it a go? I mean the guy has always excelled at suit and tie jobs. Plus with the announcement of his engagement, a Bella would be a lovely first lady.

Extreme, Championship, Walrus (In reference to Paul Heyman)

This kid is a big bully, and with WWE’s Anti-Bullying campaign too. Shameful, especially when you’re talking about a marketing genius and one of the greatest wrestling minds ever. But I wouldn’t expect a Cena fan to show appreciation for a true artist like Heyman. Funny sign I’ll give him that, but way too offensive towards a man who is more over then 90% of the in ring talent.

Pales in Comparison to HHH

This guy again? I should of figured he couldn’t stay out of the spotlight. Notice his attire again? Notice the backwards red cap, and the blue collar shirt? Notice him close to the front row again? Notice Kevin Dunn not having a psychotic episode? All kidding aside I think this guy has a shot. With any luck NXT staff will have him ready to go in a few months. His psychology is good, his ring awareness and selling ability is second to none. He must work on his in ring abilities and is still very raw and unproven on the microphone. This sign is not his best work but it reigns true Sheamus is way whiter then Tripe H. Do we have a contender on our hands? The winner of the WWE NXT World Title is Red Hat Front Row Guy.

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