Top 10 Most Overrated Superstars In WWE History!


The term overrated is described when you’re are made out to be better than you actually are, whether that’s by the WWE itself, the fans or by the wrestlers over indulged ego. Obviously some on this list of the 10 Most Overrated Wrestlers in WWE you will agree and some you will disagree with. But hey, that is what opinions are for. However, in my opinion they all deserve to be here.

I will note after each wrestler if i think they’re overrated by either WWE, the fans or themselves. Here is the top: 10 Most Overrated Superstars In WWE History!

#10 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder’s gained his popularity status with the WWE fans largely on his own due to his internet cameo show, and he should be commended for that.

But I don’t think I can ever recall seeing a guy with so little TV exposure get so much love from wrestling fans on the Internet and gain nothing out of it. Overrated by the fans.

#9 The Miz

Problem with this one here is i actually like the Miz. But you have a guy who was a WWE champion, main evented a WrestleMania by defeating John Cena, and yet has done little to nothing since. Which is why i label The Miz as overrated. He’s definitely not awesome and mid-card talent at best. Overrated by WWE/himself

#8 Lex Luger

The ‘Total Package’ ? Give me a break. Incredibly, Luger is a two time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and held the United States Championship on numerous occasions.

In WCW and WWF, Luger got the type of pushes and recognition that most wrestlers only dream of solely because of his physique. Lex Luger was overrated by everyone in my opinion. Roided up muscle head with nothing else to offer.

#7 Great Khali

He was extremely slow in the ring. Khali was just another big man that WWE pushed down our throats. He could not speak much English if any and his move-set was very limited. Khali should never have been World Heavyweight Champion. Overrated by WWE.

#6 Jeff Jarrett

During his stint in WWE Jeff was booked where he arguably should have been. He was a great mid-card heel. Jeff won one European Championship and enjoying six Intercontinental Championship reigns. In other companies, Jeff achieved everything through politics. He is the perfect example of someone who did basic things relatively well, yet wasn’t anything close to being perceived as the great wrestler he claims to have been. Overrated by himself/Karen Jarrett.

#5 Damien Sandow

Sandow may or may not have been used to his full potential by the WWE. In my opinion he is generic in the ring, if copying some other guys gimmick (who also made this list) is the best you’ve got, then it’s time to evaluate your career. Initially, i liked his Intellectual saviour of the masses gimmick, but again, Sandow s not as good as people make him out. Overrated by the fans

#4 Sheamus

I’ve probably spelled his name wrong and don’t care. Sheamus is currently the MITB holder and a former multi time WWE World Champion. I’m still surprised by the push he’s getting. Never ever have I enjoyed any of his matches; terrible on the mic, I don’t understand how this guy is still employed. He receives no reaction from the crowd. Sheamus is someone who I think got where he did because of friendships with HHH and the higher ups. Overrated by WWE.

#3 The Ultimate Warrior

Warrior was lucky to achieve as much as he did and it actually pains me to say Warrior, because as a kid I was a big Warrior fan. But looking back on the matches now there was such a limited move set and very sloppy in ring work that it just shows how the right character can propel you into the high positions in the business. Overrated by WWE.

#2 Randy Orton

Orton may have few moves but he cannot possibly live up to the aura put around him right of the bat. Randy didn’t even have to work very hard to get were he is at. He is very stiff and bland on both the mat and mic. Don’t take this one too literally either, because Orton’s ring presence and psychology stand out the most.

Orton has only recently shot up on my list as his past few years in WWE have been very weak,it’s hard to pinpoint how many great matches he’s had over the past 3 to 4 years other than his match with Seth Rollins and that match was only better due to him facing Seth Rollins.
Randy is a better wrestler than most people give him credit for, but there’s been no change in his demeanor. Overrated by WWE.

#1 Dolph Ziggler

Yes, Dolph is a good wrestler and he sells opponents moves better than most, so much so that he oversells. He lacks charisma and has failed time and time again on the pushes he has received. Looking good a putting on a decent match every now and again is not enough. WWE have tried to push Ziggler numerous times but he fails each push. He is very limited on offence and despite a good level of talent he should not be rated anywhere close to a main event material as some fans see him. Nothing much else to the Ziggler other than being able to wrestle, sadly he lacks everything else. Overrated by the fans and himself.

Other candidates.

The Big Show, Paul Wight has always been the same in the ring since his debut. Vince learned that putting over lazy performers just because they are gigantic is no good. The Big Show could have been bigger than Andre, but he never ever worked hard enough to step up. Just ask Eric Biscoff. Overrated by himself/WWE

Christian. Captain Charisma lacked Charisma. Overrated by the fans.

Thanks for reading. Please leave the wrestler’s you think are overrated in the comments section below.

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