Top 10 Most Overrated “Wrestlers” In WWE History!


Today’s topic from EWN’s most controversial is the Top 10 Most Overrated “Wrestlers” In WWE History. You’ll have to bare with me on some of my choices of as you would think wrestlers working in the wrestling industry would obviously be able to wrestle right? Wrong, as seen in this list most wrestlers gain there way to the top purely on entertainment or forced pushes by management.

As i surf the sites i read too many lists naming The Rock, “The Rattle” Snake Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan as the #1 best wrestlers, it’s bullsh*t. Most of the names in this category are known globally as the best wrestlers, truth be told they are nowhere near the top. All the guy’s listed have all been in the business long enough to be rated as overrated or underrated, well over 5+years and have all worked for WWF/E at some point in there careers. When i talk wrestling i mean the Bret/Owen Hart’s or anyone from Stu Hart’s dungeon, the Dean Malenko’s Bob Backlund’s Shawn Michael’s Eddie Chris Benoit’s Kurt Angle’s of this world, you get what i’m saying.

My last list was mostly based on superstars and how WWE/Fans overrate them. This list is based on wrestling skills/move-sets ect. Often times, there have been wrestlers who receive so much praise for what they’ve accomplished that they go from being respected and appreciated to overvalued and overrated. In my opinion the guy’s listed are entertainers rather than wrestlers .As always some of you will disagree and agree.

With all that being said here is my Top 10 Most Overrated “Wrestlers” In WWE History! Enjoy!

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash had no technical ability at all. His size, politicking and bad booking gave him as much TV time as he needed. That being said, Nash was part of the biggest angle in wrestling history “The NWO” and was head booker for WCW at one point. As head booker of WCW Nash shockingly booked himself to end Goldberg’s undefeated streak which shows you what kind of guy he was. Nash had a sick power-bomb and always used the size to advantage, but he had nothing much else to add wrestling wise. His most memorable matches were against Shawn Michael’s, who made everyone look incredibly better than they actually were.


To me, Batista was never really able to tell a story in the ring, with his matches being short presumably due to exhaustion Batista repeated the same moves in every single match, spinebuster six billion times, and then do power bomb for the pin. Fans weren’t so kind to him when he returned, facing backlash because of his part-time status while taking the spot of hopeful workhorses who earned the spots while he was away. Batista usually needed guys who could run around him to make him look good, and though his strength and power was something to see, his limited wrestling capabilities didn’t stop him succeeding in the business.

The Ultimate Warrior

Very one dimensional. Warrior was lucky to achieve as much as he did and it actually pains me to say that as a huge fan. But looking back on the matches now there was such a limited move set and very sloppy in ring work that it just shows how the right character can propel you into the high positions in the business. Let’s not forget, his charisma, energy, physique and those promos of his are what makes.


Talk about overrated wrestlers, wow, the ultimate product of the hype machine in the business. Goldberg was turned into a top guy in the wrestling world with only 2 moves! The Jackhammer and spear albeit the best spear i ever witnessed. Goldberg just looked kind of disinterested at times, and became quite lazy when it came to his move set, very sloppy in the ring as proven when he ended Bret Hart’s career. Even the great William Regal couldn’t turn out a great match with this guy. Goldberg had an awesome presence it’s just a shame he couldn’t wrestle.

Randy Orton

Orton may have few moves but he cannot live up to the expectations filled around him. Randy didn’t even have to work very hard to get were he is at. He is very stiff and bland on both the mat and mic. Don’t take this one too literally either, because Orton’s ring presence and psychology stand out. The problem is, he’s been fairly average over the past 4 or 5 years, and it’s hard to pinpoint how many great matches he’s had over the past decade. He’s capable of performing well, yet his recent showings haven’t been mesmerizing, to say the least apart from his epic match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31.

Hulk Hogan

I won’t argue that Hogan was responsible for wrestling the wrestling boom in the 80s and 90s and he was fairly decent in his early teens. Once Vince McMahon signed Hogan he took WWE to whole new level by himself and put them into the mainstream. No doubt Hogan helped build the machine, he was the heart beat. However, we’re talking about “overrated wrestlers” here and Hogan is one of them. There wasn’t much else after blocking punches hitting a clothesline, hulking up, a body slam, then the patterned leg drop. Entertainer? Yes. Wrestler? No.


Sheamus entered my last list, that’s how highly i rate him. What a bore, he’s the MITB holder and a former multi time WWE champion. Never ever have I enjoyed any of his matches, terrible on the mic, I don’t understand how this guy is still employed. He get’s no reaction from the fans at all. He’s a case of someone who I think got where he did because of friendships with management because his in-ring skills are pathetic.

The Rock

Few of you may find this pick controversial and before any of you bite my head off and spit it out just ask The Rock if he thought he was a great wrestler or not. Rock admits he wasn’t a good wrestler and has admitted it countless times on numerous occasions. His move-set really only consisted of 3-4 moves in which he uses in every match along with the basic maneuvers. What moves he did use he used them quite well with good execution but the rest of his in ring skills were lacking in my opinion. For instance, whenever he tried to apply a technical move, they just came across as not looking quite dull or not right. Although it takes nothing away from his character or career.

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