Top 10 NXT Stars to Promote to Main Roster for Brand Extension


At this point, winning the NXT Women’s Championship would almost be a setback for Bayley rather than moving on and trying to get in contention for the true WWE Women’s Championship—something she could very easily accomplish in 2016 or at least by WrestleMania next year.

She is one of the most popular women on the roster and has never truly stepped foot onto a main stage, which says a lot. For someone to do so well with merchandise sales and popularity in a universal way, rather than alienating half the crowd (see: the smarks vs. marks arguments) is a testament to how good she is and how she’s destined for greener pastures than just the developmental brand.


Rounding out the women on this list (already, and we’re only on the letter C) is the other half of the Baymella friendship and the right-hand gal for Enzo and Cass, Carmella.

All three of those performers would no doubt love Carmella to be traveling on the road with them due to their relationships, and sometimes, morale like that can really go a long way. As rough as it can be to see your significant other or your best friend all day, every day, it’s got to be even harder for the talent to maintain these relationships when they are in the opposite situation, rarely seeing each other.

Carmella doesn’t just need to be mentioned for that reason, though. On her own merits, she’s progressed well in the ring and has shown that she isn’t just passing by the company as a means to further her career in other avenues like broadcast journalism or modeling. While she may still have some areas to improve upon, I can’t see anyone making an argument as to why Carmella needs to sit this out but Dana Brooke was ready to come up, as she’s in the same transitional phase.

In a roster filled with a laundry list of characters who are perpetually angry and do nothing but scowl, it would also be a refreshing change of pace to see someone on the bubblier side who has a lot of positive energy, and Carmella fits that like a glove.

Finn Balor

This is a guarantee at this point, isn’t it?

I don’t think much needs to be explained that isn’t already implied and that we don’t already know. Finn Balor is the top guy in NXT and he’s just flat out main roster material now.

‘Nuff said.

Samoa Joe

I’m inclined to believe Samoa Joe has impressed WWE officials more than they had anticipated, which is why he’s a regular superstar and not just a continued guest appearance and why he has the NXT Championship on his shoulders.

That title puts him in an odd spot, though, as I don’t think he’ll be coming up to Raw or SmackDown when the draft itself takes place on July 19th. Fans of his will probably have to wait a little while longer until after SummerSlam, where I think he drops it to the next person on this list, and then can move up after that.

With how well AJ Styles has done and with the need for more people to be on the main roster, Samoa Joe just makes sense as at least an upper midcarder on the SmackDown scene, where we can finally see some matches that never could have taken place beforehand against guys like Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and of course, John Cena.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Samoa Joe is going to drop that belt at some point, and I expect Shinsuke Nakamura to be the one to dethrone him. Many people in the WWE Universe want Nakamura to come up, and I want that to eventually happen as well, but while he’s on this list, he’s one of the few that I would rank at the bottom if this were numbered in order of when they should come up as opposed to alphabetically.

Fundamentally, Nakamura has the skills to survive on the main roster, but why bring him up during a time where there will be such an influx of talent and put him in a position where he has to fend for himself in shark-infested waters?

He has one significant disadvantage when compared to everyone else, in that his mic skills aren’t on par with someone who speaks English fluently as a first language. That in itself is going to make things harder, and if you weigh the need to have him come up versus the want and factor in how NXT can’t be completely devoid of stars, it makes sense to keep him down in developmental where he can be a top guy and improve his grasp of the English language first.

Eventually, Nakamura will find a home on Raw or SmackDown, so it might happen sooner than later and I wouldn’t complain if it happened during this draft, but for now, I’d hold off just for a bit.

Tye Dillinger

I may be in the minority, but I’ve grown steadily more and more impressed with Tye Dillinger over the past year to the point where I think he’s one of the most underrated guys in WWE today.

Sure, I’m not unreasonable enough to want to see him be hotshotted into a role as the new world champion or anything drastic like that, but he’s been utilized primarily as enhancement talent for a long while and I think he’s better than that.

Ideally, I’d like to see Dillinger be part of a tag team, although I can’t necessarily think of someone who I would pair him up with, save for maybe Curtis Axel to form the Perfect 10 team name, as that’s just too good.

Either way, as a midcarder or in the tag team division, Dillinger is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Those are my names, but what do you think should happen with the NXT crew? Should even more wrestlers be brought up, or at least different names? Who would you like to see them feud with when they do get promoted?

Tell us your booking ideas in the comments below!

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