Top 10 Superstars Of 2015 Thus Far!


No.1- Seth Rollins- This man has put on spectacular performances in brilliant matches and has shined brighter than some of the biggest stars in the company since the beginning of 2015. Seth Rollins has shown all his critics why he deserves to be in the main event picture by being involved in the best PPV match at both The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania as well as winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship in amazing fashion at the end of WrestleMania 31.

No.2- Kevin Owens- This beast of a man has destroyed everyone who has crossed his path this year in NXT and utterly demolished Sami Zayn who at the time was the current NXT Champion. Kevin Owens is now the current NXT Champion by winning the title in record time by days since his debut. Ever since then he has put on amazing matches and has played the second best heel in the company. 


No.3- Daniel Bryan- After returning from a career threatening injury in January, Daniel Bryan has continuously gained momentum and has since created another great WrestleMania moment by climbing the ladder and winning his first ever I.C title and by doing so restoring prestige back into the championship. This man has been on fire and has as per usual carried on putting A+ matches on. 

No.4- Roman Reigns- After winning the Royal Rumble and headlining FastLane against The Yes Man! and picking up the victory, this man has really given his resume a real load of star power. On near enough every addition of RAW and SmackDown he has also picked up a load of victories. Then Roman Reigns went on to headline WrestleMania in a brutal, hard hitting; slobber knocker match up which he may of not won but definitely gained some new fans and declined his haters list. 

No.5- John Cena- This year John Cena has been involved in one of the best matches thus far at The Royal Rumble event, defeated Rusev’s undefeated streak and won The U.S Championship and by doing so just like Daniel Bryan he has restored an incredible amount of prestige to the title. Also his new open challenge gimmick is very good and is a breath of fresh air for his character. 

No.6- Brock Lesnar- The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has dominated 2015 and has been displayed as superhuman. He may have only appeared a hand full of times this year but he has made a significant impact every single time he has and therefore is why he is on this list. Each match he has been involved in this year as expected has been awesome and special. 

No.7- Dolph Ziggler- Even with the lack of direction and multiple losses the WWE universe have not given up on hope for Ziggler and this is because of his out of this world performances each and every time he steps foot in the ring and his charisma. He may not feel to you as if he has made any impact this year but just think back to the best matches on near enough every RAW and SmackDown these last couple of months. 

No.8- Nikki Bella- This lady has significantly improved with her in ring skills and her promo cutting as of lately and as the current reigning Divas Champion this girl does not look to be going downhill. Nikki Bella has fort off all the companies leading ladies since holding the title and until one of the talents can up their game, expect to see Nikki as champion for the foreseeable future. 

No.9- Sasha Banks- At the beginning of 2015 Banks was able to capture The NXT Women’s Championship after a long chase for the title and since doing so has beat off all competitors and put on awesome matches. Expect to see a main roster debut somewhere soon down the line and expect a career full of highlights for the Boston born beauty. 

No.10- Bray Wyatt- The wannabe new face of fear had an incredible showing at The Royal Rumble event and has carried a 6 week storyline single handedly by cutting creepy, gobsmacking promos. His performance at WrestleMania 31 against The Undertaker was very good and really added credibility to his character even though he did pick up the loss.

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