Top 15 Coolest Face Painted Wrestlers


Pro wrestling is full of superstars who will do anything to set themselves apart from the rest of the guys and gals on the roster. Some wrestlers do that by performing jaw dropping ariel maneuvers, some by putting their bodies on the line, and some with unbelievable feats of strength. Some wrestlers, however, set themselves apart using their looks. Without further delay, here is a simple countdown list of the top 15 coolest designed paint jobs.

Honorable Mentions



Number 15- Umaga

Number 14- Yoshi Tatsu

Number 13- Kamala

Number 12- Demolition

Number 11- The Ultimate Warrior-

Number 10- The Road Warriors

Number 9- The Great Muta-

Number 8- The Boogeyman


Number 7- The KISS Demon

Number 6- Damien 666

Number 5- Goldust

Number 4- Jeff Hardy

Number 3- Papa Shango

Number 2– Sting

Number 1- Finn Bálor

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