Top 20 Most Entertaining WWE Wrestlers & Stables.


Eva Marie

To quote Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap, “Oh boy”. Yep, I started the list with Eva Marie. I’m expecting some backlash .. but please, let me explain before you bite my head off. On the main roster, Eva did nothing to stand out. However, in NXT, where the crowd response is passionate, every time her music hits a chorus of boo’s follows. While It’s difficult to watch her in the ring, the confrontation between Bayley and Eva a few weeks ago had me glued. I was blown away by the hatred from the NXT fans; even Bayley found it difficult to hide her shock at their response.

I’m entertained because she’s so bad it annoys the NXT fans to no end, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. She sucks, but she sucks in a way which gets a response. I wrote a small piece on heels lately, and how most heels today would love a response like the one she received. That’s the kinda reaction all heels should be getting. “But Kyle! She’s only getting that response because she can’t wrestle!!” Yes, while that’s true, it’s gold for WWE. Fans get so riled up when a wrestler with minimal ability is pushed, so why wouldn’t WWE play on that? At the end of the day, Eva distracted me for the first time in her career, and that’s the only reason why she’s here.



I’ve been nothing but impressed by Kalisto since his days in NXT. He reminds me of Mysterio, when he was in his prime in WCW. And he’s not afraid to talk either, he’s miles ahead of his Sin Cara in all aspects. I prefer his singles matches, but even when he’s in a tag team match, I can always rely on him to do some crazy aerial move fitting of Lucha Libre. And we ain’t seen the best from him yet. If there’s anyone who can represent Mexico and Lucha Libre after Mysterio’s leave, it’s this guy. LUCHA! LUCHA!

Bo Dallas

Again, I’m expecting some “are you dumb?” comments for including someone like Bo Dallas. To be honest, I’m not sure I can explain why I like him as much as I do with two paragraphs. I guess I’ve always seen him as the best troll in WWE history. He just sits in waiting, hoping for his next chance to troll someone with his inspirational gimmick. He reminds me of some of the commenters I come across in social media and forums. Ironically, I can sit through an entire Bo Dallas promo smiling from ear-to-ear, but I take hardly any notice of his real-life brothers promos.

He’s still young, so he could easily be repackaged when the time is right, but am I the only guy who sees potential in Bo? He’s lost himself in the Bo Dallas character, and he rarely ever makes mistakes; I’m waiting for the day he gets a break. Perhaps when he gets in better shape?

Dean Ambrose

Yep, he’s this low. I’m a serious fan of Dean Ambrose, but just lately he’s rarely distracted me. I guess it’s because he’s always playing the backup for someone else? I guess I want to see Ambrose as an actual lunatic? He’s very predictable, and his promos don’t grip me either. He has his moments, so I simply had to keep him in my “fave twenty”, but I do so reluctantly. C’mon WWE, give Ambrose’s character some depth. He’s starting to get a bit like Dolph Ziggler; fun to watch in the ring .. but not much else.

Apollo Crews

You’re missing out if you ain’t watching NXT. Apollo Crews is a future WWE Champion, that’s pretty much a guarantee. He’s got the athleticism, the wrestling ability, the smile, the finisher, the music, the entrance; he’s got everything you need to be on the main roster and he hasn’t been in NXT a year. I like watching him because he’s got passion for what he does. I’ve said this before, but once again I’ll say Crews is like Bobby Lashley .. except Crews is likable and has charisma. His career is going to skyrocket upwards in my estimation.

Baron Corbin

Again .. probably going to get some hate. While the NXT fans hate Corbin, all I see is $ signs (technically it would be £ signs for me) every time he makes an entrance. He has one of those faces; you know .. like the cool kid in school who bullies the geeks and gets all the babes. While his wrestling ability is questionable, it’s his demeanour which shines through for me; it’s like he really doesn’t give a flying pig what you think about him, and I love that.

He’s not one of these cool heels who plays to the crowd. He doesn’t try to “entertain”, he doesn’t try to “wrestle”, all he does is fight, and he’s not getting paid by the hour. His striking is great, similar to The Undertaker’s, and his finisher is devastating. He’s not quite ready, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves up in 2016.


I’m supremely biased on this one because I’m from York, and he’s from Newcastle. We grew up in the North-East, and as far as I know, no other English wrestler in WWE has hailed from the North-East before Neville. I watched him as Pac, when he had zero-limits and could truly show his gravity-defying abilities.

Out of respect, every time his entrance starts I stop what I’m doing so I can watch. Sadly that’s usually where it ends for me, as he’s got no one who can really push him in the ring on the main roster. He was amazing in NXT, when they gave him the time and the spotlight, but he’s lost in the mix, and it seems his small stature and ears continue to be used against him.

Samoa Joe

Heel Joe is the best Joe. He wasn’t doing it for me as a face when WWE signed him away from TNA. He was close to being TNA World Champion before he left the company after many loyal years. I’ve watched Joe for a long time, and his match against Kenta Kobashi in ROH remains one of my absolute faves.

I also know Joe can talk, but only when he has the passion. If Joe was allowed a live mic with total freedom, he could easily deliver something reminiscent of Punk’s pipebomb. He was buried in TNA for a few years because of his attitude on the mic; they couldn’t trust him to deliver the promo they asked for so he was left on the bench.

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