Top 20 Most Entertaining WWE Wrestlers & Stables.


Because of that, many fans won’t know how good he is on the mic, so when he’s handed some promo time, I’m always there to listen. He was a legend in the business long before he made it to NXT. Joe’s had some great matches around the world, and he’s not done yet.

Finn Balor

Such a creative individual. While he’s not the best talker, it never stopped guys like Jeff Hardy. He comes across as a humble individual, likable, a bit of a geek (but who isn’t right?), and a true professional. When he enters as “The Demon”, that’s time for me to watch. He’s got one of the best entrances in recent memory, and it’s going to be spectacular on a grand stage like Wrestlemania.

His program with Joe is heating up nicely, and I know they will deliver. Hate his finisher, I hope they change it as I always think of The Wolves .. or Low-Ki, or any other wrestler who uses the stomp move. Aside from that, Balor is a babyface who’s doing it right in NXT, and I don’t blame him when he says he’s in no rush to move up to the main roster.


ASUKA’s GONNA KILL YOU! She’s just great, almost too great for WWE. I’m slightly worried because Asuka is a true wrestler, and she might be lost on the main roster. She’s a reason to take women’s wrestling seriously in 2016 and beyond. But she’s not just exceptional in the ring, she has everything else too. Asuka could easily dominate the Divas division when she finally makes it. I ain’t seen much of her yet, and she’s close to my top ten already, so that’s got to tell you something. If you ain’t watching NXT, then again you’re missing out considerably. Asuka is money.

Tyler Breeze

I’ve been watching Breeze for a long time in his current gimmick. Safe to say, he’s lost himself in that character. I wonder if he goes home for Christmas and takes his selfie stick with him. Recently read that Breeze took inspiration for his gimmick from Gorgeous George, which is pretty cool. For those who are unaware of the impact Gorgeous George had on professional wrestling, let me tell you. Gorgeous George was flamboyant in an age when it was controversial. In a time when wrestlers simply didn’t play to the crowd, he was doing it to perfection.

He was able to draw heat from that, and use it to draw fans in to ridicule him. He loved the attention, he loved the hate. He was an innovator, and that’s where Breeze draws inspiration from. He’s playing the part really well, and he complements it by being good in the ring. I’ve heard his wrestling ability being compared to Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Of course, he has some way to go before he could be considered THAT good, but you never know. Gorgeous George wasn’t a big guy, he didn’t look menacing, he wasn’t the best wrestler, but he still got over with the fans by playing the part. And that entrance .. wow, talk about arrogance personified. The NXT fans chant of “Breeze is gorgeous” was very fitting indeed.

Rusev & Lana

Really hard to place these two. All I know is, the last time they were together, they were a highlight of any Raw or Smackdown for me. Rusev on his own probably wouldn’t make my top 20, but put him with Lana and it just works. Maybe because everyone has the hots for Lana? Or maybe it’s because Rusev is exceptionally old school in his approach?

He really hates getting the wrong reaction from the crowd. Instead of just sitting there and letting the fans chant whatever, he will speak up and tell them to shut up. And having the crowd chant “We Want Lana” only frustrates him more. It’s a great dynamic which they never needed to break. I love to hate Rusev, and I’m sure everyone else does.


How can anyone hate Bayley? She’s the greatest role model I’ve seen in a long time. She’s the epitome of a babyface wrestler in an age where it’s difficult to be one without getting a mixed reaction. She’s like a bunny rabbit, or a cute puppy, you simply have to like her cuteness. But she can wrestle too! And that’s the greatest part, because someone who’s so likable and cute is also a really good wrestler.

All you have to do is (BOlieve) watch her Ironwoman match with Sasha Banks, that’s enough to convince anyone she’s one of the best. When she eventually makes it to the main roster, there are millions of children around the world who will gladly board the Hug Express (yes I just made that up) and beg their parents to buy her merchandise. She’s colourful, she’s fun, and most importantly, she’s entertaining.

Braun Strowman

From one extreme to the other, look under the word “monster” in the dictionary, and the picture associated with it would be Strowman’s face. You know, I find it really difficult to watch or listen to Bray Wyatt’s promos anymore, but the second the camera pans to Strowman I’m glued. It’s like .. he stares right into your soul, I just can’t look away when he talks. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does .. wow, that voice is scary. And his ring work isn’t sloppy either, like most big men. Yes, he has a lame finisher, but that’s by design, it makes sense considering his gigantic stature.

When Strowman finally goes out on his own, he’s going to be a huge star. I just hope they don’t ruin his aura by turning him babyface. His monster image is cooking up really nicely, and he looks set to take over from The Undertaker and Kane when they finally retire.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Who? I’ll tell you who. They are probably the best technically gifted tag team in WWE. Gable’s already been compared to Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan. The team has been compared to the World’s Greatest Tag Team. While I admire Jordan’s work, it’s Chad Gable who impresses me the most. I’m not going to explain why he’s so good, you should already know that! If you don’t then get watching NXT so you can see these two future stars blossom. I love watching their matches.

Sasha Banks

THE BOSS! Do I need to say more? She’s 23 years old and light years ahead of many current and former Divas in terms of wrestling ability, marketability, mic work, and entertainment value. In NXT she proved how great she was, and while she hasn’t seen much success on the main roster yet, she’s starting to get more airtime with Team BAD and The New Day.

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