Top 20 Most Entertaining WWE Wrestlers & Stables.


She needs to get some heat, she could do with some of that. Fans chant “We want Sasha!”, while I’m sat there thinking .. “isn’t she a heel?”. I want to see super heel Sasha, but I know it’s going to have to wait while Charlotte and Paige do their thing. It’s not like she doesn’t have time on her side.

Those Damn Dudleys!

Dudleys and tables are a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve seen them back in ECW, I watched them in WWF/WWE, I continued to watch them as Team 3D in TNA. Somehow they never get old, even though they clearly are getting old. Bubba was an exceptional heel in TNA as their World Champion, and I’m hoping WWE lets him do that at some point. He could actually be WWE World Heavyweight Champion; he’s that good!

But yeah, this is WWE, and The Dudleys are always together so it probably won’t happen. Bubba could have the entire world wanting him dead by next week if he was given the creative freedom. But regardless of their face status, I’ll continue to be entertained by The Dudley Boyz promos, and their use of furniture.

Kevin Owens

Here’s the guy who should be WWE World Heavyweight Champion right now. Of course, he hasn’t been around long enough for WWE to make it feel natural, but he’s getting there. I hate when fans cheer him, because he’s playing the bad guy right now and really needs those jeers. He’s so smooth on the mic, on commentary, in the ring, pretty much everything he does is crisp and to the point.

That’s why I listen when he talks, because I know he’s going to say something to make me laugh out loud. He’s been waiting a long time to show his talent, and I’m enjoying it. In my humble opinion, he’s the most entertaining singles wrestler at the moment. He’s come a long way in less than a year.


Another guilty pleasure of mine. Perhaps it’s because I grew up with The New Age Outlaws and I’ve been waiting for someone to fill their shoes? Enzo and Big Cass entertain me to the fullest every time they make an entrance. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, SAWFT should be on the main roster and fighting for the Tag Team Championships already. I’m often met with criticism when I say that because apparently “they ain’t ready”, despite the fact they’ve been in NXT for OVER TWO YEARS as a tag team together. How can they not be ready after two years!?

SAWFT is a franchise waiting to happen. I know they ain’t the greatest wrestlers of all time, but when it comes to entertainment, they’re well up there. How can you not go along with Enzo during their introduction? How can you not spell SAWFT when Big Cass does? Again, if you ain’t watching NXT, you’re missing out. Kapeesh?

The New Day

If someone told me a couple of years ago that The New Day would be carrying Raw & Smackdown, and topping this list, I would have told you to shut the hell up. I just cannot wrap my head around how entertaining these guys are right now. And it’s not just one or two of them, it’s all three working together.

You either love them, or you hate them, and that’s as beautiful as a unicorn. They spark emotion from everyone, and I can’t help but laugh at their antics. Xavier Woods with his trombone, Kofi with his impressions, Big E with his dancing, it’s just perfect. For a long time I was saying Kofi wouldn’t amount to anything, but he’s finally proven me wrong.

I remember Xavier Woods when he was in TNA as one half of Lethal Consequences with Jay Lethal. He was super entertaining back then, so I always knew he had it in him, and we’re finally seeing it. I wasn’t watching NXT when Big E was there, but apparently he was really charismatic on his own.

WWE must allow some creative freedom, because there’s no way everything they say is material written by the creative team. No way. They must have some input in their promos, because they sound so natural in their delivery.

It’s almost like everything they touch turns to gold. Seth Rollins. Sheamus. Team BAD. Anyone who rolls with The New Day is automatically more entertaining. The New Day is pushing the envelope on creative freedom, and I hope it continues because we need more colourful characters these days.

And that’s it from me. I hope I ain’t bored you with my biased opinions. As you may have noticed, NXT is the show I look forward to the most. Have a good day, and a good night, and I’ll see you again after I write Wrestlemania 26 for the series. Before I go, I just need you to remember one thing … NEW DAY SUCKS! and that’s cool. Thanks for reading.

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