Top 20 Wrestling Entrances of the Current Era


Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. Today, we’re looking at the art form of wrestling entrances and how they add to the world of sports entertainment and professional wrestling. I’d usually list a top 20 alphabetically, but this time I dared to share my hard opinions on which wrestling entrances I believe are better.

Of course, this means the rankings are subjective and you will probably want to burn me at the stake (witch!) when you see your favourites are nowhere near (or doesn’t appear at all…) the top spot. It’s fine, but be sure to know that I’d much rather see your own list in the comments than argue over trivial matters. That’s the beauty of wrestling, is that we all have our opinions and want to share them.

Just know that, I didn’t want to include entrances like The Undertaker’s, or Kane’s, or Goldberg’s, or other legends that we all know are great anyways. In the listed, you will mostly find wrestling entrances from WWE, NXT, AEW, Japan, ROH, and one from the independent scene. There are a couple of special entrances which we don’t see every week, but happen enough that I figured it wouldn’t be bad to include them. Hope you enjoy it anyways!

#20. Shotzi Blackheart

When I first saw NXT’s Shotzi roll up in a tank I thought it was pretty dumb. That was til it grew on me, and they showed a vignette of her hanging out in an actual tank. I can imagine being a kid watching NXT and thinking… I want that tank!

If I had parents with a lot of money, I’d be asking for one of these for Christmas. It’d be so awesome rolling around the neighbourhood in my own little tank… so this is why it blew a path in to my top twenty. Yes, when we look at it from an adult perspective it might be a bit silly, but from a kids point of view… I couldn’t deny it the #20 spot. It fits Shotzi Blackheart’s “Tank Girl” image to a tee.

#19. Damian Priest

One of the reasons I didn’t place this higher is because I see negativity over it. And I was wondering why… I mean, of course it’s put together and choreographed pretty well. Thinking about it though, I believe some fans don’t like it because it doesn’t suit NXT’s Damian Priest; even if his nickname is the “Archer Of Infamy”

If Stephen Amell of the Arrow was in WWE… then sure, but giving the guy an entrance where he has to pretend range a crossbow bolt to light his name up? It’s a little odd, but I guess it could be adapted later. I still enjoy the presentation though, and it sure beats him predictably walking down to the ring the same way as everyone else does nowadays.

#18. King Corbin (Throne)

The first of only two special entrances on this list includes something WWE fans first saw decades ago. Originally introduced by the “Macho King” Randy Savage, and later adapted for King Mabel and other King of the Ring winners, King Corbin has recently made it his own. Being from the UK, I love it when wrestlers believe they are royalty; especially heels who pompously look down on others.

While Savage previously did this really well, I think it suits Corbin more. And that’s a pretty big statement to make I know, but Corbin is that kinda heel. He doesn’t want to impress you, entertain you, or well… do anything to garner any modicum of respect. Corbin wants you to disrespect him as much as humanly possible, and the royal entrance serves as another outlet for you to hate him even more so. Fast forward to the 4:40 mark.

#17. Kazuchika Okada

A big part of what makes Kazuchika Okada a draw in Japan is in the presentation. I’ve often said he’s like a modern day Ric Flair for New Japan, and his entrance reflects this. Everything about it screams colour, money, and the fact he cannot be denied as a huge star. I almost left him off the list, til I remembered all the times he’s made it rain, along with the myriad of special PPV entrances he’s enjoyed over the years.

While his typical entrance is one of the simplest, it’s the way he carries himself which makes it special enough to be included my list. Did you know that he once came to the ring with a dinosaur? Check it out if you’re interested.

#16. Jon Moxley

While I’m still not buying in to his reign as AEW World Champion, i can always get behind the excitement of his entrance. Whether it’s from backstage or outside a venue, Jon Moxley strolls in and makes his way through the crowd to the ring. And what this tells us, is that he’s a rebel and people’s champion.

Moxley is not taking the usual route that everyone else does, he’s doing things his way and will let everyone get a good look at him. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and while many will say it’s too similar to The Shield… it’s not a problem. Moxley marching to the ring means business is about to pick up, which is effective enough for me to include it.

#15. Cody

I enjoy this entrance for a couple of reasons, even more so when he has Brandi Rhodes and Pharaoh by his side. Before big matches we’ll see him building suspense as he walks to the ring from the backstage area. “Wrestling Only Has One Royal Family”

It’s all about the first dozen seconds or so, after the music starts playing. Popping up from an underground platform is what makes it for me. There isn’t anything noteworthy after that, but the lead up to Cody appearing at ringside is always a highlight of any AEW show. You can tell how well it works because the crowd is buzzing as he walks to the ring.

#14. Robert Roode

We haven’t seen this for a while, but there was a time not so long ago that it was hailed as one of the best entrances in WWE. Glorious in fact! Standing on a revolving pedestal with the lights on bright, Robert Roode gives us Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude vibes with the way he moves to the ring.

The problem here… is that aside from his run in NXT, Roode is not working as a main event player. So the entrance doesn’t suit a mid-carder, and so long as Roode is working in that capacity, it will always fail to deliver its true intention. Only when Roode makes it to the main event again, will his glorious entrance get the recognition it deserves.

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