Top 5 Matches of the Week 4/5/2020


Winner: Flair via Figure Eight


2. AEW Dynamite: Trent vs Kenny Omega

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:

Trent clutches his neck but Omega isn’t done with him. Omega drags Trent up for another full nelson, but Trent elbows back. Trent has Omega on the ropes with those elbows, then he runs. Omega follows, but Trent LARIATS Omega anyway! Trent drags Omega up, Alabama lift, but Omega fights free! Omega lifts, POWERBOMB! Flip over, V-TRIGGER!! Somehow Trent is in one piece and he gets himself to the apron. Omega joins Trent out there and stalks up behind him. Trent resists the lift and holds the rope for dear life. Trent elbows and CHOPS Omega back. And CHOPS again! Trent brings Omega as we hit the two minute warning. Omega denies the piledriver and puts Trent back in the ring.

Omega ROCKS Trent with a right, and then climbs up! But Trent hops up right behind Omega, for a SUPER GERMAN!! Omega bounces off his shoulders and head as Trent ended up falling at an odd angle. Both men slowly rise, and Trent hits the SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! Omega survives and no one can believe it! Trent drags Omega up to the Alabama lift. Omega flails and clubs away on Trent’s back. POINT-BLANK V-TRIGGER! RUNNING V-TRIGGER! Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Omega via One Winged Angel


1. WWE WrestleMania 36: Last Man Standing: Randy Orton vs Edge


Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
But Orton won’t let it end with that. Orton has a chair under Edge’s head…! He tells Edge this will be over soon, and Edge can go back to his wife daughters. Orton hobbles as he brings up the other chair. The ref says Orton doesn’t have to do this, but Orton raises the chair. Edge catches Orton in an arm-triangle!! Edge squeezes tight and Orton fades! Orton might be out as Edge rests his head on a chair. Edge has the other chair now, and he tells the ref to stop the count. The count was at 5 but Edge wants to end this his way.

Edge hesitates, though, remembering the years he and Orton were as close as brothers. Edge is almost in tears as he brings up the chair over Orton’s head! Con-CHAIR-To!!! The count begins again, and Edge is speechless as he stands over a gasping Orton. The count hits ten, Edge wins!

Winner: Edge via ConCHAIRto



This was a really solid WrestleMania. It gave us some really good quality matches, entertaining cinematic interactions and was also great 3.5 hour chunks; as opposed to a work shift of mediocrity and booking questions.

So I expect WrestleMania to be received a bit better this year. Even if there were things that people didn’t like (personally I hate Braun Strowman generally, much less winning the Universal Title); it wasn’t amplified with having to sit through 7 or more hours.

All that said, my vote will go to, Last Man Standing: Randy Orton vs Edge; great story that culminated in a cathartic moment with the returning hero overcoming the abuse. Don’t forget to vote for your weekly favorite and favorite of March!

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