Top 5 Moments Of The Shield


Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. These five government phrases have been synonymous with one faction, The Shield. They go by the names of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield are going to have been in business for exactly one year now as they debuted at the annual Survivor Series last year and they are still going strong. It’s always good to reminisce however. So let’s do that. Let’s revisit the top 5 moments of The Shield.


5. The Shield Make Their Debut at Survivor Series

We all know how it went down. Ryback vs CM Punk vs John Cena in a triple threat match for the WWE Title. Ryback shellshocks CM Punk and has the match won. Then, three mysterious men in black attire ran ragged over Ryback. They attacked him with ruthless aggression and it would culminate in them using their now signature Triple Powerbomb on the announcers table. As Ryback lay lifeless on the floor, these three men would stand tall and leave just the way they came. You can’t make a bigger impact than by getting involved in the main event. They made one heck of a statement.

4. The Shield win their first PPV match at TLC

The Shield was gaining momentum and the following PPV after Survivor Series, and they would be featured in the first ever 6 man TLC match. Boy were there lots of memorable moments in this match. Seth Rollins’ blackout on Daniel Bryan on a chair. The Triple Powerbomb on Ryback on the table. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins suplexing Daniel Bryan from the top rope while standing on a table. Roman Reigns’ spear to Kane through the barricade. Dean Ambrose’s DDT on Kane. Roman Reigns’ jacknife to Daniel Bryan from the top rope. This is the most amazing part about it though. It wasn’t like The Shield had an unfair advantage. It was a fair fight. A 3 on 3. They held their own and they were able to show not only Team Hell No and Ryback, but the entire WWE that they mean business.

3. The Shield defeat John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus at the Elimination Chamber

Everyone was fearing that this would be the match where The Shield would be buried because of you know who. The same man who single handedly buried The Nexus, John Cena. However, The Shield would have none of that. Just like they did at TLC, they took control of most of the match and Roman Reigns showed his dominance once again by spearing Sheamus through the barricade and by spearing Ryback for the pinfall. John Cena’s astonished face said it all. They couldn’t get the job done and The Shield walked out of Elimination Chamber victorious. Winning against John Cena just makes the win a tad sweeter.

2. The Shield debut at WrestleMania

The Shield were able to have their first WrestleMania match against Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show. Now, this match was predictable, but at the same time, this was a huge moment for The Shield. Now they each have a win at WrestleMania under their belts and have the experience of being on the big stage. It was truly an iconic moment for them. When they split up and get their own singles matches at WrestleMania, they won’t forget what brought them all their in the first place.

1. The Shield dominate Extreme Rules

The Shield proved to be a dominant force in the WWE but they never held WWE gold. That was until Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose would defeat Kofi Kingston and would win the United States Championship, which he still holds today. He called himself the WWE Champion when he held this title because everybody was afraid to challenge him. That’s how much this title meant to him. Instant prestige brought. The night didn’t end their for The Shield though. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan cleanly in a Tornado Tag Match and won the WWE Tag Team Titles. They would go on to hold it to have the fifth longest WWE Tag Team reign of all time before losing it to Cody Rhodes and Goldust. But at Extreme Rules, like Roman Reigns said, The Shield ran that yard and left victorious.

Honorable Mention: The Shield feud with the Undertaker

Who would have thought that the Undertaker would wrestle a 6 man tag match with The Shield on Monday Night RAW. Or who would have thought that he would have a singles match with Dean Ambrose on Smackdown. That’s how high The Shield were. The last time the Undertaker wrestled a match on RAW or Smackdown was in 2010. The Shield should be proud of themselves. They showed their dominance once again by spearing him through the barricade and Triple Powerbombing him through the announce table. We haven’t seen him since. These things should not be overlooked.

Who knows how longer The Shield will be together. It may be only a matter of time. But The Shield have been a dominant force in WWE and have been entertaining to watch. They had many moments but these have been the most important to me. Did I miss anything? Comment below. Thanks, this is RatedRKO. Until next time.

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