Top 5 Payback predictions


Payback’s match card right now is pretty promising to be an amazing show. Here are my Top 5 predictions for Payback 2014.  

1. Bray Wyatt beats John Cena: This rivalry has been going on since Royal Rumble and Bray already destroyed Cena’s legacy, so what makes Cena think he can win it back? I mean even though he has new partners,it doesn’t mean he’ll win.

2. Sheamus retains: Cesaro hasn’t held a championship since 2012, and with the matches they’ve both been in, Sheamus would win. He’s the Irish Superman. Cesaro, even though he beat RVD, isn’t really that good in my opinion.

3. RVD is victorious: Even though most good wrestlers hold the gold for a pretty decent amount of time,, I believe RVD will triumph in an amazing singles match. BNB will probably dominate the match, but he will not win.

4. Evolution fails to adapt: With the destruction of WWE superstars over the past few weeks, I believe that their rampage will be put to the end by The SHIELD in an amazing 3 on 3 No Holds Barred match.

5. CM Punk returns: If anything, I think CM Punk will return to WWE in his hometown. I mean with that kind of momentum on his side, he’ll win the title from Daniel Bryan without even breaking a sweat. Sorry D-Bry, I love you,but it’s true. Spend as much time with that belt as you can, because after Payback, it’s gone.

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